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When I achieved diplomacy commendation tier 1, I went to the Academy and collected a free doff from Lt Ferra. As my roster needed packing out a little, I purchased all the other tier 1's that were available for 1k dilithium each. Later on when I hit another tier 1 commendation (I can't remember what section it was), I again collected a free officer and bought a few more. I then noticed in the diplomacy section of the store, that none of the officers had the "You have purchased this already" text so I assumed all the current officers for sale were different to the ones I had previously purchased so I bought a few more.

A few days later, I hit another tier 1 commendation, again I got my free officer. Then when checking the store again in the diplomacy section, the "You have purchased this already" text was again missing. Now one of the officers, Nilsa, a Klingon Security Officer was available to buy but I had her already in my roster.

If you check the picture you will see that Nilsa and Gokchar are in my roster but I can still purchase them.

Three times I manually counted my duty officers and I had 169 on my roster, excluding the 5/5 assigned to space/ground duties. However as you can see my roster count is 174 so I am missing 5 duty officers. Because the You have purchased this already text missing, you can buy those duty officers, your dilithium total will go down, your roster size will increase but you will NOT get the duty officer as they are max one per character. 5 off the officers that I attempted to purchase, I must have already had so that is why I am missing 5 from my roster.

I checked another character and have the same issues with the store although I haven't gotten around to counting all my officers.

I have Zichutok, a Klingon trader on another character but he is still available to purchase.

Also Genevieve Margot Woods is in my roster but again is available for purchase.

This may not be a huge problem for the 1k officers but it will be rather painful if you spend 6k or 12k on an officer that you already own. You will not get a duplicate but will lose the dilithium and your roster size will increase.

I have submitted this is a bug report in-game but as I had no response, I decided to post it here.

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