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I've ran into some bugs at wonderland:

1, i couldn't buy costumes from the ferengi vendor, though i've had the proper commodities. i've tried to buy it several times, but it didn't worked.

2, i've finished first at the Fast and Flurrious event, but when i arrived to the finish line, only the 3rd place flag were there. i was first the whole time, so nobody could have took it normally. there were people at the finish line, so maybe i fear they might have cheated, though i don't know how. unfortunately, this happened a lot of times, i successfully finished first, but the flags were not there. i don't want to blame anyone, i don't really know they cheated, maybe it's just a bug.

+1, i think it maybe a good idea if one could run more than one winter epohh projects. winter epohh tags can be easily obtainable in large numbers, but the only ways to use them, is raising epohhs from them, witch is slow, or turn them to latinum but that is not too useful.

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