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That, since season 7 hit was somewhat missing from the game for awhile. Between all the hard hits, people leaving, new grinds and high costs, etc etc, the game really had lost it's fun (at least for me). Sure I was playing it, but I wasn't having fun with it though.

The Winter Event has brought that fun back again, I think the game needed this more than anything else.

Q's Winter Wonderland is large and open, with events happening to keep the interest up, all with rewards to earn interesting and unique things, which you can sell or even give to people. Sure you can essentially 'pay' your way with lobi, that's true, but that's also your choice.

The point is, it's going to be around for over a month! We have time to enjoy it, to eagerly await the half hour and see that massive Snowman Overlord as many valiant players try and bring him down. Or see others on the starting line, and you race off to beat them to win Epohh tags.

And so on from there.

The game needed some enjoyment, it needed fun again. I'm not saying season 7 is all bad, but there were so many things that happened that honestly...Left the morale of the people playing the game, rather low.

Maybe that's a bit over the top, but that is how it felt to me. Like there was a huge weight and burden on all of us, which wasn't going to be lifted anytime soon.

Devs, I am gonna be straight forward and blunt here:

This is what people like. I know you can't always give us 'fun' as we have it here. I know we won't always see what we want to see, but honestly...this has all been done RIGHT. 100% right. There's truly few things negative I could say about this.

Just keep this in mind, please? People are enjoying this, they can continue to enjoy this over the next month. For all those these events in the future, always remember what you did here. Use it as a guide, maybe not a copy and paste, but the idea you have behind all this.

My enjoyment of the game has been greatly renewed, really and truly. I look forward more to the future of this game after so long of being 'in darkness'.
Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.

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