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Hey all, I run a gtx 670, and priot to that a Ti560 and a GTX 460. Never had an sTO problem, save the overheating one thats been around in one form or another way back to Beta.

Anyways, Installing the newest Driver here:

sent STO for a tail spin. It's the first driver I've ever had problems with, period.
STO problems included: Flashign textures, Blacked out textured, Blued Out Textures (thought my BOFFS had run off and joined the blue men), framerate instability, and texture tearing/anti aisling not being recognized.

So post up your experience if you have them good or bad, or skip this driver altogether. Currently, the Best Driver I've found for STO is: 306.97

Good Luck!
Tieberion, Captain of the USS Excalibur NX-97000-B

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