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Survivor of Romulus
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# 171
12-07-2012, 06:31 AM
Hey Dan I have a fleet question can the dilithum cost for projects be cut in half and add in EC cost I have an active fleet of about 10 people and even with the new ways to earn dilithum its hard to get enough to finish a lot of the projects.
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# 172
12-07-2012, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by drkaczs View Post
Hey Dan I have a fleet question can the dilithum cost for projects be cut in half and add in EC cost I have an active fleet of about 10 people and even with the new ways to earn dilithum its hard to get enough to finish a lot of the projects.
The answer is "Small fleets have no right to exist, even though we allow them. Your solution to the dilithium cost is to buy buy BUY BUY Zen to trade for dilithium."

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# 173
12-07-2012, 06:39 AM
A few months ago I asked about ur plan to make one sector space to rule them all? And one problem we both saw was to get from point A to point B auto pilot needed a straight line of sight. With the addition of the Tau Dewa sector block is your intentions now (with sector space) to keep adding sectors to make it one big square as far as the galaxy map is concerned to allieviate the auto-pilot problem?
Career Officer
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# 174
12-07-2012, 07:05 AM
I like to PvP on the ground, can you explain why some abilities are buffed by a percentage and others are straight number bonuses. Here is an example, the tac skill ambush gives +146% damage while damage resistant skills give +30 to resistance, for a shorter amount of time. Would it not be more balanced to go one way or another. I have seen plenty of players deal between 1100 and 1400 damage on the ground and when you are dealing this much damage there is no way to resist it. I don't want to take away the one shot, I want a way to counter the shot if my skill are off cool down.
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# 175 Voyager Bundle
12-07-2012, 07:11 AM
Yes is there going to be a Voyager Bundle in the Future or has to much of it come out that there no point having a voyager bundle anymore ?
Career Officer
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# 176
12-07-2012, 08:15 AM
1.)Will the ship status screen ever show the correct value of:

Crit Severty
Crit Chance

2.) What will be the other playable Breen Ships?

3.) Is the Dilithium Exchange with the exchance rate of 100 to 110 working a Cryptic wants it to work?

4.) More Fleet ships have been added will there we Fleet Galaxy-X or a Fleet Prometheus (the Tactical orientated one)
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# 177
12-07-2012, 08:36 AM
#1 Are there any plans to implement starships from the old DS9: Dominion Wars computer game? Specifically the Achilles for the Federation, and Kvortcha for the Klingons? The Kvortcha would obviously slot in nicely as another Klingon Escort, whilst the Achilles would be a perfect fit as the Tactical-focused vessel alongside the Engineering-focused Odyssey Set and the Science-focused Vesta Set.

There are also two or three Cardassian designs that it would be fun to shoot at too.

#2 Could we have some customization options for the unique bridge officers that we receive as rewards for completing featured episode series and reputation projects? Whilst I can appreciate they're unique and rare, it would be nice to have a Romulan or Jem Hadar in a Starfleet Uniform (possibly the Odyssey Uniform). Maybe some limited customization on their face and body morphs too? With everyone having a bunch of unique Bridge Officers that look exactly the same, they don't feel that special.

#3 Are there any plans to include other species to the game in the near future? The Son'a perhaps, or some 25th Century Xindi? I also notice the Suliban System in your new Tau Dewa Sector, is this a hint toward possibly seeing the Suliban show up at some point?

#4 Whilst on the subject of new sectors, I've heard mention of more on the way, specifically above the current Cardassian sectors. I was wondering, but are we ever likely to get an actual sector within the Gamma Quadrant? We've got the wormhole to get us there and back, and we travel there in the 2800 featured episode series. It's no secret that there was an Iconian gateway in the Gamma Quadrant at one point too.

#5 When can we expect a featured episode series (or) reputation rewards that present us with a Cardassian Bridge Officer? I think out of all the current rewards thus far, a Cardassian Bridge Officer is the only one we're really missing out on at the moment.

#6 More of a personal request here, but would it be possible before the next update to edit the Assault Cruiser; specifically returning the Blue Deflector Dish to the Sovereign Hull, and flattening the area on the Noble Saucer where the Registry sits as to make it smoother?

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# 178
12-07-2012, 08:43 AM
Would cryptic consider a little bit more inclusion of the mirror universe (Terran Empire) story line and integrate it into the game more???
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# 179
12-07-2012, 09:00 AM
here is a questionor 2 for the cryptic dev team which has been asked many times but never answered on the c-store ships =

: will the maco texture be sorted on the later ships ? , i would post pics on what i mean but my gfx card just died . some look a little rushed and textured wrong

: on the same note ship textures on the mobius etc looks wrong with some of the skins when changed
Starfleet Veteran
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# 180
12-07-2012, 09:03 AM
We have come a long way since launch but there is definantly room for more...

1. When will we see more customizable ui...ie changing the color schemes...star wars galaxies had this option over 10 years ago... and its the main reason i barely play my kdf, the red makes me feel like a hot poker being near my eyeball like in raiders of the last ark.

2. Can we, if ever, get different voice options for when our ship/character is under attack, considering the amount of varying ships ingame now, I highly doubt orion captains travel around with the synthesized klingon guy warning them about a red alert of some fashion.

3. To go in with 2, can we get more voice options for starbase incursion...i highly doubt the borg care if a klingon is warning them that "Starfleet Knows You're There"

4. When will we see more acurate bridges, will we get a backstep and have the vesta get it's bridge finally?

5. The costumes that been coming out to the cstore as of late have been...lacking in size per price as it were. Can we get ie Dixon Hill set, a Sherlock Holmes Set or perhaps wrap it all in as a holodeck bundle, to include Captain Proton !?

6. Can we get a black and white special episode ala Captain Proton? We have these holodecks and I honestly dont recall a single mission that uses them...except one wich for people who havent done it, i choose not to spoil the mission info.

7. Away team jackets....this winter would have been a great time to finaly include the TOS jacket, Enterprise Jacket, TWOK Jacket, Voyager Jacket, and maybe even finaly get the klingons their ST3 Jacket/Cloak

8. With the inclusion of reputation now...how about considering a fix to the demands of more playable factions have it be some kind of unlock at tier 5, IE unlock a playable Romulan Character input 3000 romulan marks and 50k dilithium, earn a D'Deridex input so many marks and dilithium so on and so on, this way when A dominion reputation comes out, or cardassian and so on the same thing can occure, player chooses federation or klingon side and thusly done, no unique missions but this way the player gets his/her play choice along with their ships and whichever fed/kdf faction perks as well. This would probably me the most agreed upon compromise and require the least amount of programming/development time for the team. Also it lets us the player to truly earn and feel an accomplishment of sorts.
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