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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
I usually tend to agree, but when I see actual cast members play themselves in a fan created productions it really confuses the boundaries for me.

If you're referring to Of Gods and Men those are the actors that aren't doing to well money wise. Big wallets tend to pull old trek stars. Dorn has the most money out of all the new trek stars, he'll make his own before starring in one of those.
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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
To hell with that...I want Picard!!!!!!!
STO appears to treat the Countdown comic as in-continuity, and that book depicts Picard as the Federation ambassador to Vulcan.
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Originally Posted by dm19delta View Post
I Thought those were alternate timelines. If I'm not mistaken, the massive Borg invasion, and subsequent dissolution of the Borg Collective, never happened in this timeline, so it would make sense to me that any number of those other events would be changed as well.
I haven't read the novels, but the events of the Destiny books do seem kind of problematic. I think we have to assume that anything depicted in them is questionable at best when considering whether they fit into the STO timeline.

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