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I have some questions about how the targeting system works. I'm a science pilot, and I recently discovered that many of my heals will heal both myself and a friend. However, in STFs, I'm noticing that my heals don't always make it to my targets even after I select them. So I"m wondering if my auto-fire is the reason. Will auto-fire cancel a friendly target? What's happening is that I will select a teammate, usually with the function keys, and press the button for the heal. Sometimes, I see that the player is healed, but other times only I am healed. After playing last night, it occurred to me that I was consistently using autofire on all of my cannons, and it began to wonder if auto-fire cancels my current target and re-targets an enemy. I hope this is not the case. As a science officer, it would greatly reduce my already low DPS if I am not able to use auto-fire while flying in a team.

Also, on the same topic, I noticed there is a pin system in the UI. Can someone explain to me how this works?
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12-04-2012, 10:38 AM
Yes Autofire can be a problem as can pressing space
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12-04-2012, 10:48 AM
There's a bunch of options to adjust the autotargeting behavior under Options>Controls. Disabling Autotarget on attack and assist on attack might help.
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Hmm, that is annoying. I wonder if there is a way to create a macro to activate and and deactivate autofire. I'm using an Alienware keyboard, so I could map it to a button, if so.
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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
There's a bunch of options to adjust the autotargeting behavior under Options>Controls. Disabling Autotarget on attack and assist on attack might help.
How does that modify the behavior of the auto-target? It would disable auto-target while targeting friendly ships?
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12-04-2012, 11:47 AM
You should be able to target, follow, and match the speed of any target with simple inputs. This was possible as far back as SFCIII, I would speculate the reason we don't have it on STO is that someone doesn't want us to.
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12-04-2012, 09:28 PM
Originally Posted by gallantskeptic View Post
How does that modify the behavior of the auto-target? It would disable auto-target while targeting friendly ships?
Certain settings would, others will continue to autofire on target-of-target or the otherwise-autotarget (without switching your primary target), depending on how the parameters are set.
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12-05-2012, 06:21 AM
I am facing the samet issues as the OP.

I have the feeling that all the posters has similiar issues, because all are posting hints but no solutions.
I had also tried several different combinations of that settings, but there are so much, it not easy to find the correct one.

It would be cool, if someone can post his settings if he managed to fix this problem.
I will send a Beer via Paypal for a working Solution :-D

Healing is not easy in STO, even if it looks like that.
Because you need to switch the target, personally this makes no sense in SCI-FI Game, because of tons of Bridge officiers and Computers onboard.
Espcially because healing others is also limited to 10km or my traget is switch back because of auto fire and I saw a lot of ships explode because i tried to heal, the target switchted back to an enemy and I healed myself before I was able to correct that
I guess supporteers and healers could be muchmore important to players, if non-offensive skills had a range of 15km like Carrier pets have.

It would be extremly cool to get an second Targeter for Buffs and /Heals.
Could work like Attack-Target lefttclick on it and heal-Buff Target with rightclick the target of choice, during Combat/Red Alert.

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If you're trying to heal someone in your team, look at the order they appear on the side bar. pressing F1 will target yourself. The first person (at the top) of the bar will be targeted by F2. The second F3, the third by F4, the fourth by F5 and the fifth by F6. As it's been stated previously, autofire will break your target to what you were attacking, so make sure your weapons have stopped firing before you press a heal, or else you might heal yourself/someone else instead of the intended target. I find that holding the appropriate F key will usually help you hold your target long enough to heal someone.

In regards to the pin system, pinning a target with the thumbtack button will post a health monitor next to your targeting monitor. You can only keep track of one target at a time. It won't tell you what buffs/debuffs they have, but it will help you keep track of the pinned target's shields, shield facings, and health. Someone useful to use in escort missions like Cure Space, No Win, and Starbase Blockade.

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Odd, I have auto-fire turned on so to heal/etc, I just target the object and activate the skill, then either ESC/untarget and let my ship target the next thing that hits it or manually select a target.

What I wished is working is that the game is suppose to allow me to heal the target of my target. i.e. as I'm attacking a Borg Cube that's attacking a team-mate, when I activate Aux2SIF, it should effect my team-mate that's under attack. This somehow doesn't work despite the option being turned on.

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