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# 1 Bug: Reskinned Mob Renaming
11-26-2012, 01:10 PM

Reskinned Mobs for Encounter Groups will take on the default name of their costume if left the name panel is left blank. Where as before the mobs would be named after whatever combat npc unit they actually were.


Any encounter group where an individual member of the group is reskinned, when spawned will have the name of the skin instead of the default unit type name when spawned.

For example; a reskinned Federation Science Officer with the name panel left blank would still be named "Science Officer" instead of whatever the skin name would be "Costume001/BorgEnsign_Vulcan/etc".



How to reproduce:

1- Create Encounter Group (Example: Fed Ensign)
2- Reskin one of the contacts to specific costume, while not giving unit a specific name (leaving name panel blank)
3- Play map; reskinned mob will have the name of the costume as a default instead of the base unit type


Any map where applicable groups exist.



Yeah, it isn't too big and may not be a bug as much as it is something old which has now changed. But I noticed it and figured to point it out. As much for Devs as well as Other Players.

In missions where applicable I haven't renamed some reskinned mobs so players can still easily identify from the names if the enemies are engineer or medics or what have you. It's pulling away a layer of polish, despite being an easy fix by the authors if we find it that bad.

I just wanted to point it out in case it was not intended, even though it may just be a case of me being an old boy and the system doing something different than I expect.

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# 2
12-07-2012, 09:13 AM
An update:

Now that we have access to the editor again I had a look see. It appears that all the re-skinned mobs in question had their names changed in the republish from the <default name> tag and I couldn't change it back for those mobs. However, new mobs don't have the problem.

It makes me think it had something to do with the republish, so, it may not be a bug as much as it is something we just need to fix since the old missions got hit with the change.

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