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so I got a compress error (something about the galaxy model) in the game and it tells me to force verify to fix this. I go to the launcher and I select the options to turn on force verify then nothing happens the progress bar just sits there and says patching but nothing else happens. I click the cancel button and nothing happens its like the launcher froze but in task manager it doesn't say the program is no responding. the only buttons that work are the top ones like options in the top right corner.

shouldn't there be something that it is showing it force verifying the files like a progress bar or something?
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12-07-2012, 09:38 AM
No, it shows nothing to indicate something is happening. Let it run, should take about 10 minutes. When completed you should get your 'engage'button.
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12-10-2012, 05:47 AM
can't decompress error, join the club m8.
and yea there force check does not do a darn thing! as in does not FIX ****! it checks file size and that's about it. in the end i have to replace the hogg files my self.
i have this problem sins the start of the game, but ofc i did not mind as much cus the error box back in the days had the name of the hogg file so was like a seconds replace fix, now they don't add the name so i'll end up replacing all files, all 10GB of them, cus guessing which file it is takes longer then replacing all 10GB STill takes a couple of minutes before you can play again, counted if your backup is resend otherwise there is the update again... really pisses me off that every time i ask support there reply is "You have bad hardware" funny tho cus STO is the only game that gives me error's out of 6 high end games on my computer, like SWTOR, WoT, GuildWars2, SaintsRow 3, Battlefield3 ... yea probably is my computer that hates STO eh! pathetic Cryptic Devs that have no idea how to fix it.

Sorry i'm ranting here ehm yeah Force check does not work all the time, takes ages to let it run its course so next time, just backup your hogg files in the pigg folder and replace all of them with your backup if you have that decompress error. oh yeah don't forget to make new backup files wen they push out and update

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