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I turned up my graphic settings when the game went live. I had been playing all CB and OB with graphics at lowest setting as this caused game to hang during load screens. This is a rather beautiful game with the graphics set to recommended. But just as in beta this causes extremly long load times and sometimes gets hung up completely. So I turned my graphics down to lowest setting again. It is still a nice game, but it is much nicer with graphics turned up. I have no idea what causes this, but with full launch of the product comming up it really would be a good thing to fix this problem. It truly does make a difference when u play the game at higher graphic settings, its much more enjoyable, but i hate the problems this currently causes.

I'm using:
OS Windows XP Pro
CPU- Intel Q9550
MOBO- Asus P5q
4 gb OCZ flex@1200mhz
XFX 9800gtx+
Soundblaster titanium sound card
2x western digital 500g black edition HD in raid0
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# 2 i screwed with the setings
12-10-2012, 11:43 PM
well i wanted to reduce lag so i mess with the setings and if you have a pic of how thay start out that would be wounderfull

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