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# 1 Gamma Strike Force Fleet
12-07-2012, 03:38 PM
Attention any players looking to join a small, fun, and friendly fleet!

Gamma Strike Force is a fun, new and experienced player fleet centered on PvE, STFs, Fleet and Reputation missions, and general gameplay and helping fleetmates out. We reward fleetmates for their contributions, and distribute provisions fairly according to efforts made.

Our starbase is Tier 2, with a Tier 2 Shipyard, Fabricator, Comm Array, and Transwarp Hub. We are currently only a few thousand XP away from hitting Tier 3 Engineering.

Currently we are a small fleet, and we welcome new players. We don't intend on getting huge like some of the major fleets, but we would like more players to be involved in the fleet, plus we are here to make new friends and have a better pool of people to do runs with.

If you are at all interested or have any questions, or want an invite, PM myself (the fleet co-founder and second in command) in game at Vox@DarkChaosBunnies, or the fleet founder at Phaleon@Snipe048.
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