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I have read the descriptions a few times, but feel I'm missing something.

What I've gathered is:

I can run The Fastest race and get some pics of Q to get a free Breen ship, check.

I can run the big race that currently has some cheating going on for holiday bits?

I can hang around for an hour to fight snowmen (have yet to see this)

I can hurry down to the lake and see the smashed remains of a Giant Snowman that I've just been warned about after the people camping the area destroy it in less time than it takes me to run there.

I can somehow find all the holiday bits I need to get the frosted Boots to skate and somehow earn more holiday bits?

That's It? Honestly?

Is there anything else I can do to earn holiday bits so I can buy something nice in the holiday store?

What am I missing?
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12-08-2012, 06:53 AM
The snowman event takes place every half-hour, at :00 and :30.

You can also wander around the click on snowmen for an accolade when you find them all.
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12-08-2012, 06:57 AM
Thank You, I will do that.

I read something about "Holiday Doff Missions?"

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12-08-2012, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
I read something about "Holiday Doff Missions?"

Yeah, there's a variety of 4hr doff missions, with funny holiday-themed names. Critting them gives you a chance at the holiday "bits".

The snowman battle is every :00 and :30. Kill 100 of the small snowmen, and the giant one spawns. Kill the giant one, get some bits. Oh, and use Snowballs to do this. Equip them like a device.

The competitive (or "pvp") race is every :15, :22, :45, and :52. When the announcement appears, go to the starting area (west of the Gazebo), and it'll give you the quest for it. The prizes are Winter Epohh Tags, which can be used for a doff mission to gt an Epohh pet in holiday colors. (edit: and yes, there's currently a way to skip a large part of the track. Followed, after every race, by furious arguments about what constitutes "cheating" in a videogame. /sigh)

The daily race is for Q Photos, which will get you the Breen ship.

There are accolades for fighting the giant snowman (20 fights), the pvp race (20 races, or come in 1st), and for finding all the snowman scenes.

You can also (rare drop) get the holiday bits & Epohh Tags from digging up snowballs.

The bits can be traded in to the Holiday Vendor for winter foods (feed it to a tribble!), several new costume parts (scarves and jackets), snowball guns (to kill the snowmen), skating boots, and glowy melee weapons.

Those with Lobi to burn can get Q Photos and bits from 5-lobi-per boxes.

And finally, all the bits & tags (once it's over) can be turned in for latinum at the latinum exchange consoles.

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