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# 1 borg visuals
12-18-2012, 01:35 PM
the visuals for the full borg set look great on my ship.

I especially like how parts of the hull turn green and have a slight green glow to them.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a hull option in the ship tailor that appears when you equip the full borg set. This hull material would make your ship look even more assimilated.
for example:
engines: all nacelles have the mechanism that latches onto the nacelle, possibly make it wrap around the nacelle even more

deflector: finish off that structure that is currently protruding from the hull, put hull plating on it, smooth it out, make it fully borg, etc ( hull plating from the original deflector to the new borg one would look cool, not on the struts sticking out )

shields: shields now create a green glow affect on the ships hull. everytime shields take a hit, they appear green in color, instead of federation blue. make more of the hull greenish

borg console: make more of the hull borg green, with that slight glow currently used.

borg cutting beam array: there is currently no visual for this except shooting it. maybe make some type of visual object on the ships hull, make a beam array green, and add some glow affects to it, etc/

omega plasma torpedo launcher: im sure this also has no visual affect on the ship. could be something small so when someone looks at your ship, they know you have it equiped.

I realize this is alot to ask for, but seeing has how more and more sets are being released it seems to me that sets for ships are a big part of the game now. they could use some special attention to make ships look more unique.

edit: last, I just want to restate that these updates could be put on a hull option (borg hull option that appears with full borg set), so if not all players want them, its an option
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