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Over the last month I have been creating videos of previous episodes of The Gates of Sto-Vo-Kor. I would like to make this production a community involved production as best I can. So I am calling out to the community to submit their screenshots for possible featuring in an upcoming youtube video.

I am looking for:
Ships listed here
Detailed images of ships in action
Console special abilities
Characters in action
Action poses
Unusual settings
Foundry mission play

What I don't need:
Characters in Captain's chairs, they are a dime a dozen.
Action shots with the ship the size of a quarter. I need detailed images.

Chosen submissions will be credited so be sure to submit your @Handles.

A listing of episodes can be found in this post as well as my Youtube channel.
Also known as Gingie(In game) Sskald(Gates of Sto-vo-kor)

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