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12-09-2012, 03:29 PM
Hello all

I'm Livin@Livin. A few months ago my wife, @Livevilyn, and I lost a close family friend. He was also a fellow STO player, @kidsofspawn. In his honour we have made this Fleet.

Our friend had lets call it, a colorful sense of humor. He would, often, randomly txt msgs like (BOOBS) or my personal fav ...(*)(*)... If u have a colourful sense humor, like this, and are looking for a fun and friendly fleet, drop us a line.

We accept old and new alike, both of us have been playing for years. I am into pvp and elite space actions, while my wife enjoys more of the doff system and collecting. We offer something I have never seen in any other fleet, Fleet Support Points or (FSP)

The way FSP works, if you sign up on my website and join a scheduled event or help with assigned fleet missions you will be rewarded FSP, which you can then turn in for in game rewards. Rewards being what you want or need instead of whats availible. E.x. You have a phaser cannon set up on your ship, you would like a weapon console upgrade from MkXI to MkXII, you can turn in the set amount of FSP and i will procure the console for you...

Check out are website for more info, thnx for reading.
Good Luck and Have Fun Out There!

We miss and luv ya Mikey,

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