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Hey everyone,

I am repeatedly experiencing crashes to desktop while attending the conference on DS9 in the episode "Second Wave". The Cryptic Error Message (what a pun!) says something about a error while compiling (will hand in the exact message later).
Before I encountered that specific problem, there was another bug in that mission: after having resolved all the tasks like informing the conference attendees about the delay and helping them with their little problems, the turbolift just wouldn't take me to the conference room, even though I had talked to the conference speaker and taking the turbolift to the conference room was my active task. But the option to go to the conference room just didn't show up when interacting with the turbolift. Only dropping and re-doing the mission helped (other players had the same). Until I encountered the problem previously mentioned.

Even more annoying is that I can't login again after the crash to desktop problem. The launcher simply keeps patching without doing anything. Already tried using another launcher.exe, restarting my router but to no avail so far. Couldn't login yesterday after the CtD, probably over night there was some kind of reset so I could login again this morning. But now I face this problem again.

Obviously this is something many players experience at the moment (take a look into the technical support forum below this one). So it'd be really nice to at least hear some official statement about what is going on, how to fix it/when it will be fixed or at least that the STO staff is working on it...


rebooting my computer allows me to login again, but the episode still crashes. After rebooting and re-logging I start ingame at the point where I once again are supposed to take the turbolift to the conference room, but now it does not show the option to go there again.

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