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12-10-2012, 04:50 PM
I'd like to see at least one or two interactions with a planet that aren't "I need 10 <<insert name of commodity>>" followed by "wow you're a hero".

How about "we need a stack of 10 heavy space turrets to protect us from the evil pirates in the next system" Part 2 "hey those guys over there just dropped heavy space turrets in orbit and are bombarding our cities, who are they and why are they killing us?"

I mean, why is first contact all about giving them 10 commodities? They never lie cheat, steal, or ask for more than you can easily carry?

Be cool if you had to do some specific doff missions like in the ambassadors on Deep Space 9 portion of "the 2098" featured series story. Send your doffs to do a few tasks, while you blast a few enemies (either space or ground) and/or do a couple scanns, then another dialog.

Sigh. That's the trouble with wants, it's so easy to ask for everything haha.
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12-10-2012, 06:00 PM
well, cryptic could give exploration skills to good use. When you reached the highest level of exploration, it will unlock an exploration area like the gamma quadrant. It would be cool though.
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12-10-2012, 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
The season after they fix PvP
You are truely a comedian!! Why be "cryptic" in your answer and just give a straight answer: never!

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