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# 1 KDF warrior seeking fleet!
12-23-2012, 02:33 PM
Hello there, fellow soldiers of the Empire!

Now that my KDF character has ursurped my Feddie and become my main, I've decided to finally kick myself into gear and find him a fleet to call home. So without beating around the bush...

Character details:
Name: M'ossa
Species: Ferasan
Level: 50
Career: Science
Ship: Temporal Science Vessel
Role: Support/Healing

Personal details:
Name: Nick
Age: 21
Timezone: EST
Experience: Played since late Closed Beta, almost entirely as Federation
Playstyle: "Casual", in that I do not run STFs. I am currently hoping to get more involved with PVP, but until I gain more experience I feel it would be a lie to label myself in that category. (As noted in the edit below, I also do enjoy RP occasionally.)

What I would like to see in a potential fleet:
~ Active players in my timezone
~ Actively progressing through Starbase/Embassy system
~ Players willing to help me learn the ins and outs of PVP, as I wish to make that my KDF character's primary activity
~ No pressure put on me to participate in STFs. I do not find them enjoyable after grinding on my last character, and have no interest in forcing myself to grind them again
~ And last, but certainly not least, people who know how to have a good time! I get on STO to have fun, and I'd like to think I'm a pretty outgoing guy when I get with the right group!

What I feel I could offer to a potential fleet:
~ Willing and able to contribute many resources to fleet progression
~ Willing to participate in all planned fleet events that do not conflict with real life scheduling
~ Willing to become involved in organized PVP matches if given proper instruction and a chance to learn
~ Active 5 ~ 8 hours a day, during which I will be more than happy to contribute to any fleet shenanigans!

I hope to hear back from some people soon, as it is getting very lonely in space and I am tired of the mass-recruiters sending me random fleet invites. Qapla'!

EDIT: Oh, as an aside: I DO enjoy a spot of RP when the mood hits me. RPers in the fleet are definitely a plus, as is a respectable-looking fleet name, but neither are a hard necessity for me to enjoy being in a fleet.
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12-24-2012, 10:20 AM
No one in all this time? Am I really that horrible?
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12-25-2012, 03:37 PM

House 010 is looking for new members all the time. We are a small fleet (mind you not far in the fleet base construction, building up on T2 starbase). We also have a fed side counterpart called Directive 010 but ure not required to join that fleet as well if you want to join us. We don't have any requirements to do any STFs or whatever. Just be yourself, contribute what you can, and we can try helping you out in PVP if we can, mind you our fleet has a more PVE/RP flair to it.

If you would be interested contact us at House 010 through the in game mail or reply to this post and ill get back to you when i can.

Vice-Chancellor of Federation Fleet Directive 010


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