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Drakon Pirata / House of Drakon

We are a small cross faction fleet, looking for more casual players to help us grow and expand our Fleet Base & Embassy. If you are looking for a casual fleet and are tired of the drama of larger fleets then we are the right fleet for you

FED: Drakon Pirata
KDF: House of Drakon

While we won't turn down a good applicant on either faction we currently need more help on our KDF fleet House of Drakon. This is an 18+ fleet, chat is not kid safe. If you are under 18 please look else where. We offer a TeamSpek 3 server as well as cross fleet chat so that we can work better together on either faction. We are not planning on being a large fleet so progression is slower due to that but what we do offer in exchange is opportunity to advance and be a part of the family rather than a number.

If this sounds like the kind of fleet you are looking for please contact us in game or respond to this post.


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