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Hi all,

I'm just curious, I've published my episode "Long Lost Friend", and I've noticed that there's an option to click on "submit to Cryptic for Featuring".....

Could someone give me info about what the difference is?

Obviously it's where your episode perhaps is featured on the main hail page, yet I would assume everyone who uses the Foundry would want their's on that.

So I'm confused, like, does it cost money for cryptic to feature it?

Do you need a certain amount of reviews and stars?

This is my first time using the Foundry so, I am a bit confused....

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12-11-2012, 03:10 AM
Heya amahood.

In addition to being on the Spotlight list and displayed there are also some bonus rewards mainly items that willl be added to spotlight missions.

However a downside for the authors is that if your mission is spotlighted you will no longer have the rights to edit your mission which is a big thing.

I don't think there is any minimum rating or number of plays, any foundry mission can be submitted. And unfortunately I agree that there will most likely be spaming of the button so that BranFlakes or whomever is responsible for setting up the spotlights will have a lot of dross to sort though.

As a new foundry author. I'd recommend the following

1. learn the tool. You have to be able to work out what can be done and what can't
2. Practice. Make missions and submit them. By getting used to the foundry tool you can start to see how you might be able to do something unusual or cool in a mission.
3. Play other missions. See what else is out there get ideas.

If you do all of these then you will be better placed to judge your own mission's qualities as a result be more descerning with your submissions.
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12-11-2012, 04:26 AM
Howdy bazag,

Thank you for your reply, I only just got to it.

I will do as you suggest. I'm looking through foundry missions now. At first I did not see my new foundry mission on there,

yet I have agreed to become a "reviewer" and now when I type in "LONG LOST FRIEND", I find the episode i created.

I did not know until just this moment, that people can only play it unless they are a "reviewer".

I agree, though, I'm going to work on 3 other foundry episodes to get the tools figured out more and such.

I know there are tutorials online on youtube, I tried going through them, yet I learn better by trying something, than listening to something said about it.

I will play other peoples missions now. Just gonna try one right now.

I shall listen to your advice. And appreciate it very much, Admiral.

One thing I did not quite understand is when you said this : "I agree that there will most likely be spaming of the button so that BranFlakes or whomever is responsible for setting up the spotlights will have a lot of dross to sort though."

what do you mean by that?

Do you have to pay some zen points to get it in that cyrptic thing? is that what you mean?

Anyhow I won't submit it to cryptic , I'll just keep it as "published" right now, until I get some good feedback by people whom have played it.

Obviously I won't know till people play it, whether I'm on the right track or not.

If you get a chance, let me know, its called "LONG LOST FRIEND".

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12-11-2012, 04:45 AM
. delete post

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