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12-15-2012, 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
PvP has always been wroth investing in.

PvP appeals to a vastly different type of player. That's not to say that PvPers can't like PvE or that PvEers can't like PvP (I never PvPed before this game and then I fell in love with it). The point is that you can attract more people if you offer more options to appeal to different people.

Balance mechanics across all aspects of the game. Increase and vary reward potentials. These two basics things will make PvP more fun and more appealing. It still won't grab everyone but it doesn't need to because there are other things to do in this game.

I'm excited about the prospect of PvP Boot Camp sparking more interest in PvP. I'm not convinced that the current state of things is going encourage many to stay but I'd love to be wrong. I'm all for whatever it takes to get someone to finally stop ignoring this PvP and to try to improve it.
This game has also turned me into a PvP enthusiast of sorts. I played LOTRO before this game, and I never used the Monster Play or dueled with other players. PvP didn't really occur to me, mostly because I defined myself as a casual player.

STO is the first MMO-style game I've played where I actually PvP and do well. I would like to see it have a better selection of options for PvP
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12-18-2012, 04:57 AM
550+ and counting.
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12-20-2012, 11:41 AM
I think that a big problem is the PVP queue itself. More often than not, queue wait time is long, sometimes very long. I think many people who want to play PVP, stop playing for that reason alone, causing a catch 22.

Some simple things I think might help to reduce wait time:

A big reason matches fail to start is that people who have queued up drop out because they are in the middle of a PVE mission. If you join a PVP match you must restart the PVE mission you left. If people could return to a PVE mission from where they left it, they wouldn't opt out of a PVP match that they've queued up for. This would increase the number of matches in PVP, shortening wait time.

I can't see why 4v4 is the minimum number of players. This only contributes to wait time. 3v3 is more appropriate. The queue has to reach 4v4 before a match will be started, but if 1 or 2 players opt out, a 3v3 matches is started, anyway. Why not start the 3v3 match when the queue reaches 3v3 in the 1st place. This would increase the number of matches in PVP, shortening wait time.

The number of people queuing up is often too low even to get a 3v3 match started. I think it would help if there were separate queues for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5. Most matches would be 1v1 and 2v2. This may increase the chances for a stalemate, but it is worth that risk because it would increase the number of matches in PVP, shortening wait time. For this to work the minimum number of matches you can queue up for, (which is now 3), would have to be increased, or preferably eliminated.

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12-20-2012, 08:36 PM
No the PVP system is simple yet boring.

Ground PVP takes to long since you have to kill like 30 guys just to get out of it.

Space PVP Fed vs. Klink: If your a Fed Captain and you que you get a preselected team of Klinks who you cant dmg. with any of your weapons they launch a junk screen of fighters and if you dont know the right combo of ships to kill it turns into a easy sweep for the klinks. Klink captains que and get a unbeatable preselected Fed force. You can't dmg them you cant even bring one shield down and they all wolf pack target you and kill you. causing a 15 to 1 sweep.

Trust me I have a Raptor with rapid fire PVP purple phaser cannons, daul heavy cannons, and PVP purple Photon Torps that I shoot 4 out with bridge abillity. I also hit them with a tacyon beam to drain the shield and I have a dmg shield bridge ability as I fly past. Yet with all this gear I cant even drop a PVP ships shield now.

Its just pointless take my word for stay away form PVP in the 3 year I been a member it has blown chunks left and right. No one ever fixes it because it slips through the cracks due to bugs updates new projects total waste of time. You can lvl up without it now for the Klinks thats how bad it is.

Klink vs Klink PVP space: Well Im cloaked and your also cloaked if I uncloak your going to shoot me with all your ships so I stay cloaked untill you uncloak then I can shoot you up.

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# 65 How do you fix it.
12-20-2012, 09:14 PM
Well this is case of smaller is better.

If you look at the PVE system the Ratio this is whats killing massive PVP play

3 light cruisers = 1 cruiser
1 science = 1 cruiser
1 tactical = 1 cruiser

Vice versa, So a 10 on 10 cant happen due to the PVE macanics at the most 1 ship can handle max 3 ships shooting at it at any given time so 3 vs 3 is the max you could do for space PVP this way if both of your teammates die you can go to max shield and have a chance of them getting back to them before you die with 5 ships all shooting at you it a insta kill.

Next we have open warfare. They need to clean out the kerat system of all the borg crap, and do flag based capture sytem without resource vic. Capture all five flags to win system so that last flag is the toughest because your whole team is gaurding it since its right next to the base. You can add a huge asterroid with tunnels so a bird of prey or cloaked ship can try to sneak a victory away.

Really a 1 on 1 challege based system that was added was the way to go, So people got that PVP feeling If a Klink ship strayed into fed space it could be challenged this would simulate picket skrimishes. Now this sounds great however when you do get challenged no one ever clicks yes. I mean it should be automatic, and if you lose a challenge you should be bumped back into klink space or Fed space, and the vic should get like 100 dilith just enough to make it worth while to shoot out the challenge thats automaticly accepted. You cant click no, your a fed or klink ship in enemy territory there no sorry I cant fight today.

This leads to what I like to call season infinity Merchants and Smugglers were you have people in cargo vessels running cargo from planet to planet for credits and dilith rewards Merchants would have legale cargo that could be plundered for the war effort. Smugglers would have illeagle materials that could be plundered or seized by Fed and klink Capt.

There are some classes that just dont fit into the game I made one orion capt. who has slave fighters and trades in exotic good for the Orion syndicate yet he flys freely through Fed space past Fed ships that should challange him. Goes on raids with Fed Captains. Wouldn't it be cool if his Orion Battle barge had a med cargo hold that had exotic goods in it. That way he have to fight with other Fed ships to deliver his cargo a invester in the Risa system Battles would start in space and end with the challenger boarding the ship and looting it or the challenged disableing the ship and escaping.

It would be a huge project it would mean new ships Merchant version of the ferangi meurauder. You might attack a ship and find out it has crates of apples on board worth nothing. Or it could be armed to the teeth and have gold pressed bars of latnum on board. contracts would be based on lvl so lvl 50 captain challeges a lvl 1 merchant he gets a easy victory and a cargo full of snail meat.


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