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  • The Starfleet and Embassy contribution popups will now list items that are currently equipped.
    • The windows will indicate that the items are equipped as well as confirm the contribution of the equipped item.
  • Boldly They Rode updated:
    • The console for overriding the security systems will now display FX.
    • Lowered two posts that were floating above the surface of the station.
  • Fleet Projects: All "Station Personnel Officer" projects should once again be accepting Bridge Officer Candidates as valid contribution inputs.
  • The Queue Instance mini-window will now close properly when entering into a queued map.
  • New Romulus: Players must use the UI beam out button on the minimap.
    • The low priority interact button has been removed.
  • Resolved the issue with the New Romulus Mountain Pass not completing properly.


  • Reputation System updated:
    • Removed all Reputation XP gains from Direct Gear projects, Store Unlock projects, Costume Unlock projects and Consumable projects.
    • Reduced duration timers on all of the above types of projects from 40 hours to 2 minutes.
  • Updated the Vesta:
    • The Vesta Auxiliary Cannon and Quantum Field Focus Phaser can no longer be fired while your Quantum Focused Shield Bubble is up.
      • This returns it to the behavior it initially had, before a recent patch inadvertently changed it.
    • Activating Batteries or other powers that fix Weapons Offline, like Engineering Team, will no longer allow you to fire weapons while your Quantum Shield is up.
    • Weapon Offline will now disable the Vesta Auxiliary Cannon and Quantum Field Focus Phaser.
      • However, loosing Weapon Power will not disable these weapons.
  • Changed the display name of the Breen Set 3 Piece Bonus to "Breen Energy Syphon", which is a more accurate description of the function of the ability.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Fabrication Engineers will no longer list "Ground" or "Space" in their description since some correspond to different active duty slots than others.
  • The cooldown on the Fleet Tribble and Dilithium Tribble will no longer reset each time you pet them.
  • Trill Bridge Officers can no longer be contributed to the Tellarite Officer Fleet project.


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