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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
As much as I love a variety of Star Trek ships, I'm afraid my favorite ship will always be the Enterprise as featured in the (original) Motion Picture. It's close enough to the TOS Constitution, but still to me looks "real" and "modern" (as opposed to the obviously fake "cardbord model" look from TOS). That scene when they take the shuttle up, flying around the outside of the ship while it's in space dock, the camera panning all around it as the music swells...


Ahem. If you haven't yet, watch that scene on BluRay, on a nice HD TV. Amazing!
Amusingly, that's one of my least favourite scenes. It's like, ugh, we get it, you have a new model for the Enterprise, I don't need to spend 10 minutes seeing every angle.

The same reaction goes for the new uniforms, and the bulge.
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Originally Posted by quintaris View Post
...The same reaction goes for the new uniforms, and the bulge.
Amusingly, I actually like TMP uniforms. Very 70s, no doubt. But yeah, there ya go. Heh. No accounting for tastes. lol

I get you though, I admit that movie was long and boring, and a long ship-worship scene only kept things slow. But it was nice'n'slow, eh, eh?

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