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Greetings all!

After being with STO since beta, I have finally decided it's time to find some like-minded compatriots to game with. I've poked around this forum but haven't quite seen anything I think would be a perfect fit, so here's my checklist. Let me know any suggestions.

Who I am:

- Lifetime subscriber

- Several VA characters

- RP-friendly. I enjoy playing in-character most of the time but will happily go OOC if appropriate

- Older chap. What's a Justin Beiber?

- Limited play time. Generally can only get into game an hour or two a day. Sometimes pop on for short sessions to DOFF. Will happily do raids and such if prearranged but my play times tend to be short and staggered

What I'm looking for:

- A casual, social fleet with a light RP focus. And by RP I don't mean ERP. If you want to "cyber" (as the kids say) that's fine, but that's not my thing.

- How do I define "light RP"? Mostly it's about being in-character, but still actually playing the game. Chatting in a bar is fine, but really I'd like to be out shooting at things.

- I'm not terribly competitive so I really don't care about starbase tier rankings, although will happily contribute to such an endeavor.

- I will happily attend Fleet events and such, bearing in mind my limited time.

- Don't care if the fleet is big or small.

Any suggestions? Feel free to mail me in-game at @sablewraith.

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12-14-2012, 05:46 AM
Take a look at what we have to offer, we might be what you're looking for. We shoot for spending the majority of our time in character, but we usually hit about half way. Most of us are avid gamers, and we've recently hit T3 with our starbase. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have questions.
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12-14-2012, 08:02 AM
Hmm, it just so happens that my main is a Romulan, part of a diplomatic envoy from New Romulus to The Federation. That could be a good match indeed. I'll be in touch.
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12-14-2012, 08:04 AM
Outstanding. We'll look forward to hearing from you. =-)
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12-14-2012, 01:08 PM
If you are over 30 then we may be the fleet for you.

We are trying to build back up our RP division and we are getting a lot of interest from our playerbase. We are much much more that a RP fleet and to be honest that is probably why the RP part fell through the cracks.

You are welcome to check us out and give us a try. We have no rules and nothing is mandatory. We are very relaxed and we are social first. We are all old and our youngest player is 29 years old.

Check out our website at tosfleet.com or click on my signature block... Or check our STO recruitment page.
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12-14-2012, 11:45 PM

Hard to compete with the above mentioned groups as they are well established, however it is worth mentioning 18th Sigma Fleet. A newer fleet in most definitely when compared with the above, however we also offer many of the features you are looking for. We are a mature RP fleet that will soon have a lore that follows the canon laid out through the Star Trek series', movies, etc. Not heavy on RP, but just the right amount. If you were to get into this fleet at this time, you would position yourself very nicely. We don't require time commitments, but when you are online that you send out a friendly hello, and respond in kind to messages that are sent out. If you want some information, follow this link for some more info, send me a PM through here, or in-game at Locke@ubermatten (or you can do all the above).


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