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Originally Posted by December Ask Cryptic
Our intention is to ensure that players always have a consistent earning rate of Dilithium for a measured amount of normal game play.
So why isn't it connected to the core gameplay of the episode missions?
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
After logging into my KDF avatar, I think I noticed the overall problem. Regardless about if you are color blind or not, the contrast between the 'golden' yellow and 'dark' red is very problematic. You can barely distinguish between enemies and allies.
Some might argue that for Klingons, that would be a feature, not a bug.

However, we're all (allegedly) humans.

But that's the only factor of the KDF UI I'd want to change, personally. I actually really like how the red makes DOff quality pop out, for example.
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
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12-15-2012, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post
So why isn't it connected to the core gameplay of the episode missions?
Why isn't Dilith earned for ALL active online time??

Then no more grindy grind
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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Why isn't Dilith earned for ALL active online time??

Then no more grindy grind
There's a difference between 'being logged in' and 'doing stuff'. I'm of the opinion that most or all 'stuff' should have a completion reward in terms of the supposedly time-based currency, but not so much with passive generation (we already have DOffs for that anyway).
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
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Q: (bunansa) When will we see more customizeable UI? ie changing the color schemes. It is the main reason I barely play my KDF. The red makes me feel like a hot poker near my eyeball like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Dstahl: We are implementing a new UI for Season 8 and one of the major features revolves around the color schemes. We have a stretch goal to add customizable color pallets, but if nothing else, we will be addressing the ?Red Hot Poker? issue.
I like the RED KDF UI as is.

Additional color options, ok, but don't force a change on me that i and others might not like.
(if 5 of 1000 people complain now about the *red*, you don't want to make 150 of 1000 complain about some unexpected forced change, that would be counter productive, and this has a high probability of triggering such a reaction if it is different enough).

Q: (cousteau1701e) Anything you can say about the upcoming Andorian ship?

Dstahl: It is an escort, has massive guns, is a new model based on an older design, it has a custom bridge, and is not coming out in January as I had originally thought. It will be in the first half of 2013, though.
Escort? So no broadsiding Cruiser anymore?

Q: (cylon74656) Will the Steamrunner Class be available for those of us who don?t play through Steam? And also, when will we see the Typhoon Class playable in-game?

Dstahl: The Steamrunner Class is a Steam exclusive, so it will not be available in the C-Store. However, you do not need to play through Steam in order to purchase this item. If you have a Steam Account you can purchase the item through Steam and claim it in game without needing to play STO through the Steam client.

The Typhoon Class is a dreadnaught that will most likely not appear as a playable ship until we increase the skill point cap to full Admiral. Even then, we haven?t yet decided if this will be a player ship, but we can be convinced to make it so if there is enough support for it.
I bought the Steamrunner (hooray Cryptic found a way to make me pay RL$ and no Zen for a Ship *hmpf*), and i dismissed it instantly after i've noticed how freaky big it is.
Somebody please do a scaling pass on this Ship.
Just compare the huge Bridgecake to anything else in the game and you will see how completely off scale it is.

IMHO, while i'm at *scaling* topic, the Vesta also seems a bit small next to a Sovereign.

Q: (fulleatherjacket) Will we ever see "Federation" and "Klingon Empire" reputation categories where we can earn passive and active abilities that reflect our respective factions, and item sets (i.e two weapon + console) specific to our factions that starbases do not offer?

Dstahl: Most likely yes. We plan to continue adding Reputations that represent the different factions and components of the game such as the player factions, crafting, PvP, other species etc.
after playing the Romulan and Borg Reputation, i have to say i am kinda disappoint.
The mark inputs are not balanced at all....
one Infected Space Elite is enough to feed 4 Borg Projects (one STF for 2 days... thats it?)
and the Romulan PvE Queue missions have a tendency to reward just enough Romulan Marks that you are 1 or 2 marks short of being able to start a Project.
(the +1 romulan mark Tribble acutally is very helpful to me in that regard)
Mine Trap has a good payout, but the other 2 space maps, even together, are often not enough to start both romulan Projects...

If you only play one character that might be not much of a concern, but i play 11 and i like to keep them all going when i have the time and if 3-5 of them need a extra round because of ONE Mark... then that means an extra hour of work to get that stuff started, in the long term this is rather annoying.

AND OMG why did it have to be HYPOS?
The UI removes the Hypos out of my Device Slots first!
Then i need to buy new ones... slot them in the Device Slot.
Since Season 7 the Power Bar works a lot worse and does not automatically place the Hypo button back in the Power Tray where it was before... i have to press P and drag and drop the Hypo back into place.
And YES i have to do that for 11 Characters every day too *argh*...

i am considering using Medium Hypos now instead of big ones just because of that UI annoyance factor.

Personally i am disappoint with the Rep System, i had hoped for something that rewards on a more passive level, like accolades do, but this is a pure Time AND Currency sink, this has nothing to do with gameplay. It is just something to X off on your daily Checklist.

For example, i did play only Infected Space Elite to keep the Borg Rep running, i am Tier 3 on all 11 Characters now, i did not even play Into the Hive on Holodeck yet!
I took one quick look on Tribble, now i'm just loading up some marks every 2 - 3 days in ISE and don't bother actually PLAYING STFs.
The old system where you had to play them all was a lot better, not fair with the drops, but fair with the requirements, but it made me play and have fun.
ISE is about the most boring STF out there and i only do it because it's the easiest one to beat with an uncoordinated PUG from the PvE Queue.

ok enough of that!

all i say is, i would have had it much rather that random Reputation Projects would pop up (instead of the EXACT SAME TWO every single day!) that tell me "play Into the Hive ground or space 3 times to advance to the next Reputation XP Project..." instead of X Marks, X Expertise, replicate X Energy Credit items...

where is the gameplay in all of that?

With 11 Chars i want to take the most efficient route to get stuff done, and ISE is it, even if by now i hate the map.

Q: (ciprianp1) Long long long time ago?. there was a very nice gun: TR-116, that Target gave. But not everyone of us lives in the USA. SO: Is there any plan on ever bring it into the game ( via c-store)?

Dstahl: Probably not in the immediate future. There were problems with this weapon that needed to be addressed and so, until we resolve the design of the weapon and introduce a replacement, we do not want to put more of these into the game.
uhm... since the TR-116 in STO is not even remotely looking like the Prop from Star Trek... you know what? you can keep it! I don't want it.

But how about adding the real TR-116 as a reward at some point, with a new Art Asset that actually looks like that gun and has functionality that is not OP but OK for the Game?

Q: (pegasussgc) I've seen several Romulan NPC's with the correct Romulan forehead detail and Cardassian NPC's with "Cardassian friendly" hairstyles, can you put these options in the game so we can make are Alien/Romulan or Alien/Cardassian characters more realistic?

Dstahl: These hairstyles and foreheads are specifically reserved for when we offer Romulans and Cardassians as playable species (which will happen) because they are defining characteristics of those species.

I find it baffling that the Alien Creator has not gotten one real update since LAUNCH of STO.
I specifically used Alien Characters in the beginning because i expected that new Art Assets would be added in there over time and i would be able to maybe buy a Catian/Ferengi/Whatever Species in the C-Store and use the purchased parts as options in the Alien Creator.

There has been a chat line command flying around lately that unlocked some hidden options, so we know now it is perfectly possible to put a Gorn in a Federation outfit or use Ferengi Ears with a Nausicaan forehead!
The Tech is already there, it is just not unlocked.

Cryptic took so much pride and got so much positive feedback from the Press at Launchday for their extensive character customization options...
i don't get it why these are not expanded upon.

With Romulans...
ok i get it, you want to hold them back for the Faction release, whenever that may be?
But we already have Players in Federation Uniform roleplaying Romulan Characters anyway, and honestly i do not care if those guys get a new hair option or the proper Forehead now, it does not affect me or my Roleplay.

If my immersion was broken by a Romulan running around ESD, then you can be sure that my immersion IS broken by Snowman, Spiders and Baby Mugato Pets everywhere around ESD.

The Cardassian options are all there already anyway, not sure about hair options but my Galor Class Captain is almost bald anyway ;P

Q: (captainwallis84) You hinted at a possible TNG bundle pack that you may add to the game. If so, what is it likely to include, and would you be making a makeover to the Galaxy class to make it on par (graphics/detail wise) to the Vesta?

Dstahl: We are considering a TNG and VOY bundle as our most likely next bundles, but it is TBD if we will be updating these older ships to be on par with the newer Vesta unless they are considered refits or retrofits. We will release details of the ship stats once we get closer to their eventual release.

i want the Galaxy Class to finally look GOOD in this Game.
i can't even stand the +1 C-Store version (that has to have twice as many polygons with all that detail) because it is missing a row of windows on the lower side of the saucer and that gives me total OCD, i can't look at it and i have buyers remorse because the stupid windows don't get fixed.

*points at Galaxy* *points at Intrepid* *points at Sovereign* *points at Defiant*

Those Ships need to be redone from scratch to be on par with the current level of detail we are used to.

I HATE IT that new players come into STO every day only to see these sub par art assets for the STAR TREK HERO SHIPS.

and no i do not want refits or +1 or 2409 skins, we had plenty of that stuff already!
I want the STAR TREK HERO Ships to be something a new player WANTS to fly and be proud of it instead of going all WTF about the uglyness of the Polygons that don't even look like the Ships.

I'm not even angry anymore at this point, i am ashamed, and so should you!

Put it on the Schedule, get it done!

Q: (zalenrose) Can you give us more insight on the possibility for 1st Officers as playable characters and any plans for more depth in the Doff system like specializations or 1st Officer abilities?

Dstahl: The ability to convert your First Officer to a playable captain is something we?ve wanted to do for some time, but is not on any current schedule. We?re planning to revisit this when we eventually increase the level cap to Full Admiral. As far as Duty Officer improvements, we do plan on making some improvements to the system in 2013, including improving the UI and adding more functionality.

Dstahl YOU are the man who puts stuff on the Schedule, aren't you?
Then put it on there, it has been talked about forever it is time to act.

And don't give me that "level cap" nonsense again, Geko already said that there would probably never be a level cap increase in STO because that would require a new Tier of Ships (i do NOT want ALL my C-Store and Fleet Ships to be made obsolete by Tier 6 Ships i paid way to much money for those already!) and more importantly it would require new Endgame Content... and bazinga it just took you about 3 years to get around to add the most basic Endgame stuff we have now, if we want to call it that.

imho all of that is too easy anyway, even the No Win Scenario has been beaten by non-cheaty means now! and you want to give us more power to play the same content? NO THANK YOU!

The Reputation System provides continued Character Progression, there is no need to go above level 50 anymore.

So STOP saying that there will be a level cap increase, there will be none and you know it, you just said yourself that it is not even on the schedule, so why keep repeating that line every time you talk to us?

Also... lol level cap increase? The KDF still needs levels 1-30, AFTER THAT we can talk level cap increase to 60 or whatever.

Oh and... the bigger the level cap, the more content people want to see from a new Faction (Romulans lvl 1-60 sounds like even more work than Romulans lvl 1-50).


That said... i really REALLY want to see that 1st Officer System!
It has NOTHING to do with a level cap increase, i don't know why you see a connection there. There is none. It's a unique self sustained feature and i wanted it last year when i got that Jem'Hadar BOff and that Jem'Hadar Ship... i want that BOff as Captain for my Ship! (can't even make a good one with the Alien Creator because the parts are not there)...

Now we have the Breen Ship, i have a Breen BOff, 1+1=0 i still can't promote my Breen to be Captain of that new Breen Ship?


This stuff was already *talked about* LAST YEAR.

Captain Jellico Voice: Put it on the Schedule and GET IT DONE!

Q: (starcommando101) Any news on the Dreadnaught getting a Fleet Version or Saucer Separation?

Dstahl: Animation is working out the kinks in the Saucer Separation for the Dreadnaught and once we have it ironed out, we plan to have an update to promote the new ability. Adding a Fleet variant is a possibility, but hasn?t been confirmed by the ship team as far as I know.
Does this also apply to the MVAM Prometheus Animation which still shows generic ship parts returning to my custom pimped out MVAM?

I know Geko said they were working on it, then that it didn't work out and that he is waiting for "tech"... this has been months ago.

thx for taking the time and communicating with us dStahl.
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Originally Posted by hravik View Post
Dreadnought means nothing more than an all big gun battleship, a design philosophy which every battleship from 1906 on shares. I'm not sure why people get so caught up in the word dreadnought, the word doesn't mean what people seem to think it means.
They mean very different things in STO.

Battleships are moderate-difficulty ships like the Typhoon, Negh'Var, D'deridex, etc. They're tough, but lone players can defeat them without too much difficulty. They are identified by three rank pips.

Dreadoughts are tough ships like the Jupiter, Vo'quv, Scimitar, etc. They're powerful enough that typically you need more than one ship working together to defeat one. They're often used as bosses in PvE missions. They are identified by four rank pips.
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Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
why are cryptic ignoring the questions about the state of the textures on some of the newer ships ?
They can't answer every question. They probably picked the ones that they deemed suitable or more interesting to answer. It may be that there isn't a reason for the textures you're on about?

Originally Posted by spielman1 View Post
I was wondering when will the Ambassador Class be released and will there be more ways to customize your ship.
I doubt there will ever be more Galaxy Customization options, though I could be wrong. As for the Ambassador; that's rumored out in the February Event.

Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
I bought the Steamrunner and i dismissed it instantly after I noticed how freaky big it is.

Somebody please do a scaling pass on this Ship.

IMHO, while i'm at *scaling* topic, the Vesta also seems a bit small next to a Sovereign.
Check the Breen Cruiser too, it's the same size as a Noble Class. Should be able the size of the Steamrunner/Norway/Intrepid if I'm not mistaken.
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12-15-2012, 10:43 AM
Q: (starcommando101) Any news on the Dreadnaught getting a Fleet Version or Saucer Separation?

Dstahl: Animation is working out the kinks in the Saucer Separation for the Dreadnaught and once we have it ironed out, we plan to have an update to promote the new ability. Adding a Fleet variant is a possibility, but hasn?t been confirmed by the ship team as far as I know.

Seriously? The animation for this has been worked on for almost a year. Is your team going pixel by pixel? Building a 1/4th scale model with working warp core?

EVERY month there is a throng of questions about this ship. Why does it "seem" like you and the "ship team" just want to keep it as the most broken, obsolete, over priced vessel in the game?

There are about a half dozen destroyers in the game in less than 5 months, but only 1 Dreadnought in nearly 3 years! Why not have the ship team start expanding that particular line of ships?

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Reputation system will it be converted to upgrade ship, so that it can be added to a hangar for zen and dill or additional slots for consoles?
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the only solid information i read was that dominion lockboxes are arriving around the third anniversary and the andorian escort was pushed back. other than that, the entire ask cryptic was filled with "we hope so," "this is what we intended," "we wish that," "maybe in the future," "possibly later," "we would like to," "we have plans for," etc.

i've played alot of mmos, the level of communication between the developers and playerbase here is the best i've ever seen. with the exception of a few questions, most questions asked by players are answered directly within hours or days and on open channels like forums or personal twitter accounts. i was hoping to read on more solid information on exciting future content.
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