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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
How's that. A single torpedo launch every minute, that's going to do completely negligible damage because the tailgating tacscort is going to be chaining Tac Team to shrug whatever beam arrays or turrets you have in the back, so your torpedo hits shields...
I have found a single Tricobalt mine launcher to work very well on tailgaters. Shields are negliable against the damage and the stun can be helpful as well. One doesn;t even need DpB or DpA to use it and if one hides it in a EWP cloud or other ability that obscures it it can be quite the surprise.

No, the real solution to tailgaters is that escorts should get a massive defense and damage resist debuff if they aren't moving quickly. How often did you see the Defiant just park next to the target and unload? Escort captains should be forced to embrace Move Or Die, and promptly explode if they try to park next to a target in their optimal firing position.
As to the Escorts turreting up and shooting, It should be the easiest to hit at that time, thier Bonus defense (movement based) should be at -15 (-5 if they have elusive trait or are running the Aegis set).
The only thing keeping them alive to fire is the stacking of EPTS for the shield heals and 30 second resist buff it gives, possibly TSS or HE for the same reasons (resist stacking) and two copies of Attack Pattern Omega for the Defense buffs it brings to the build. Or they are using a ATB build to do the same thing with less powers thanks to Techinician DOffs..

The Escorts loss of Bonus defense is being over ridden by a build designed by someone who knows the game, how it works and is using those legitimate abilities given the Tactical player in game to achieve it.

It makes me wonder why the Cruiser pilots can't do the same in thie own defense when they see the Escort park on them? It makes me wonder why they can't do it better since almost every Cruiser ingame has better access to healing than any escort ingame?

In fact the whole Cruiser fanbase seems to be under the missconception that the Escorts are pulling something "wonky" or that the game is out of balance defensively in the Escorts favor when it merely an example of the Escort player knowing what they are doing gamewise or that they are using a proven build concept perfected by someone else. Its sad how the Cruiser fans crucify them for not cheating and doing something correctly.
Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.

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