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I've been messing around with patrols on an interior map Federation Generic 02. I've set a npc group to patrol and added patrol points. If the preview screen of the map view has a npc selected (and I can see the patrol red dots and lines connecting them) then the foundry has an instant crash to desktop if I try to add a reach marker or dialog blue bubble from the special tab.

But, if I select something besides the npc, then i can no longer see the patrol dots and the lines connecting them. Then, I can add a reach marker just fine.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Put a npc group on a map, set to patrol, with patrol points.
2. With the npc selected (showing the patrol), try to put a reach marker on the map.

Can anyone please try to confirm?
Cryptic Studios Team
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12-19-2012, 02:54 PM
This issue is confirmed, documented and assigned to a programmer's queue.

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