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12-20-2012, 11:05 PM
The Shield Repair passive is a supplement, not your main form of shield healing. It doesn't provided damage reduction to your shields, it doesn't increase shield power. It just gives a flat bonus shield heal.

That is how it is now and how it should be. Nothing more. Nothing less. I for one am extremely pleased with the results.
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12-21-2012, 01:32 PM
It's not so much the change in shield heals that has people riled up, but rather Cryptic's poor handling of the change. We will never know with absolute certainty whether or not ~1000 shield heals per 6 seconds was overpowered or not, because that's not what we actually got in the first place.

Now if we had actually gotten a chance to see how ~1000 per 6 seconds actually worked, and the resulting majority feedback from players suggests a reduction in shield heals is needed, then I would be in favor of that change, even if it ultimately results in the lower number we have now.

What we have here is a case of Cryptic listening to poor and inaccurate feedback about this passive and taking the wrong steps to correct the problem. It was a bugged passive granting regeneration every second instead of every 6 seconds. Before considering a reduction in healing, the interval at which this ability was activating should have been the only thing fixed. Then that would allow the player base to accurately judge whether or not a reduction in shield heals is really needed.

Personally, I think ~1000 per 6 seconds would still be a tad bit OP, and would like to see the value adjusted to around 700-800 per 6 seconds. It wouldn't be as powerful, but it wouldn't be as ineffective either.
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12-21-2012, 02:16 PM
When Holodeck was being updated, I went on Tribble to test out the new stuff and Space Combat was really fine (that test character had no more than Tier 2 Romulan Reputation). But just now on Holodeck, I did an STF and my sheilds were dropping faster than before the Reputation system.

So makes me wonder if the buff is really off? Or was it nerfed too far to the point it's not noticable?
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12-28-2012, 02:12 PM
This shield regen passive is still quite nice. Sure, it doesn't compare to the broken version that made it live but if people would quit overreacting they'd see its just fine. Forgetting the broken timing issue, Cryptic never intended the 1000~ healing to each shield facing, rather, it was supposed to be total the total heal. Regen mechanics already apply to each facing so they made a mistake by quadrupling the added value when they plugged in the number? that were later quadrupled again.

The fix was necessary and it wasn't actually a simultaneous nerf to the healing total. It wasn't a nerf at all. The slightest big of testing or oversight could have prevented this problem. Couple that with the poor damage control (lies by omission) in which the patch notes called it a drastic reduction when they should have owned up to their mistake.

Of course, if they did it that way they'd be compelled to provide free respecs. Who cares about honesty when the truth can cost you money?

It's still a good power. Anyone who has sense enough to divert power to shields knows the benefit that one gets from doing so. That being said, who knows if they actually turned it back on after they fixed if?
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