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01-06-2013, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by jtoney3448 View Post
And sadly and easiest solution to pvp vs pve problems is a pvp % dmg reduction in pvp areas. Was something we had in SWG for a long time once it was removed it became a total spike dmg kill fest. Currently thats all pvp is here. Rather them fix the whole problem not just a symptom of it.
People seem to be confusing this as a PvP issue... it isn't it is 100% a PvE issue.

No they are not good for pvp... but they are worse for pve....

It is simply a PvPers that made this issue known to Cryptic. Cause yes we where the ones that saw the changes and the thought first and foremost .... great now I don't have to grind the STFS no more... I'm just going to go in with a pvp friend or 2 and finish all 3 space STFS in under 15 min... That is the real issue with 300k crits. They are an annoying gimmick in PvP... in PvE yes... 3 PvP players that go hard core Dispersal 3 builds... can wipe any of the stfs iin 1/8th the time Cryptic would be shooting for design wise... that isn't really cool by them I don't think, which is why they seem now willing to fix the issue. (and we have been talking about it since BEFORE the patch that allowed this stupidness went live).

All though I will agree that borts current thoughts seem completely stupid to me as well....

I agree... change the way dispersal works with trics... Just make it buff there dmg and enable the disable rifts... and reduce Tric mine cool downs to a reasonable number... 20-30s... with a 20-30% dmg reduction. That stops the crit chaining issue... makes the mine more usable with out patterns... and gives pattern use with them a reason to exist. They may still be annoying spammed in a PvP spam fields... but at least they won't one shot people through shields (as the first will remove the shield and second - forth the hull)... and they will also NOT be one shotting gates and cubes.
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Everyone defending these things just shows how mindless and lazy people are. Its a game and it should challenge you in intellect and skill. Using a I can kill anything item takes all the challenge out of the game. Might as well stick a game genie in your disk drive you window lickers.

People cry waa waa the game is to hard I cant do it yet I can breeze through all the pve content practically sleeping even when the skill tree was more complicated and made people think on how to build a ship more.

These mines are just another way to stupid proof and lazy proof this game. I bet a monkey can play this game now.
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01-06-2013, 02:57 AM
Oh wow...better re-read the rules again before I actually post this, how much profanity is allowed?

...Tricobalt mines...hmmm...tricobalt mines...

* doo doo doo doo. Welcome to Q and A with Jamo! *


Why is it Jamo, that so many people are q_qing about these getting nerfed?

Because they're so good at destroying NPCs and players of course.

Hmmm, why is it then, that we saw such a large amount of the playerbase using these when mines got a buff?

Because they are crazy overpowered, whether it be in PvP or PvE.

Alrighty. How come Cryptic needs people's input before nerfing THIS particular item?

That would most likely be because they know full well that it is overpowered and they want to be able to gague how many players will stop playing the STFs because they'll actually begin to take some effort without trics destroying everything on the map instantly.

Interesting, and finally, how much do you think this will affect the PvP community?

I believe it will lead to more people queueing up. You see, players were previously discouraged not only by pre-made teams rolling but also by players tric mining the spawns and getting instapopped by these projectiles.

Do you have any overall comment about tric mines?


Players need to learn how to play, not have the short cut handed to them on a noob-encircled platter.

Why should PvEers get off easy and spam trics for insta PvE wins, when for the PvP community, all they are is a griefing tool whose amusement factor wore off long ago.
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01-06-2013, 02:57 AM
I for one, never saw anything wrong with Tricobalts. I am one of the many who never PvP, not even once, and have no intention to start. Instead, I use my spare time in STF Elites. There, the Heavy Tricobalt actually is quite useful, and indeed well appreciated.

I find that Heavy Tricobalt is most valuable against Donatra after she cloaks. The amount of unshielded damage helps significantly, and also helps you get an idea of her location when she uncloaks so you can be far away.

So for us pure STF'ers, I think best to leave Tricobalt the way it is. If you weaken it, then there will no longer be a reason for us to use it anymore, the Borg will kill us even faster, we will eventually spend a minute or more before we can respawn, and Elite STFs in general will last even longer than they already do.

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01-06-2013, 03:07 AM
I can fart and take out Donatra no mines might take a bit longer (maybe) but I found out a way to beat her no I win button... Yea that is right I used my brain...!

BTW takes a good team of good players 5 min to do a elite stf no trics about 1 min with lol
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01-06-2013, 03:15 AM
Question from poster:

Oh, and if you can tell me how to reliably survive 600k worth of damage, delivered all at once, I would love to hear it.

Answer to poster:

Shoot it down.

Thats the thing you are supose to do by design of the game, all the big torps and mines that pack a punch are targetable (even some of the console ablilities are targetable to stop them)

Instead of trying to come up with some mindless macro to survive anything shot at you without changing a boff ability on your ship so you can simply focus on your target and mash the fire macros over and over, 1k away from the tail of your target-

how about change play style

WE all have been jumped by a klink before and have been blasted to pcs in under 2 seconds, we all have been stuck in a sea of science unable to defend ourselves, this is just another one of those cases

why is this so hard to accept the approach to combat to defeat these weapons?

And then I looked it up, (about an hour) and yes, there are complaints to nerf the klinks cloak, there are complaints to nerf the science abilities that are used together as a team to gain advantage in a match, and a bunch of other things that give this game variety in pvp combat

What I see is the ones for the nerfs dont want to change, they dont what to water down their min/maxed VS energy shield boff abilites, they dont want to change targets mid alpha strike to save their own bacon from mines or torps, they dont want to break up their chaining of tactical team to toss in a engi team or sci team to get out of most of the science glue,

BOTTOM LINE: they like how they do combat now, are good at how they do combat now, and do not want to have to change that or learn new strategies to DEFEND- cause that would mean watering down everything geared towards ATTACK

In the end, this is a team game, (we all live and die by our teammates in 5v5 pvp) some strategies and combos of ships and captains give advantages over other combos of strategies/ships/captains (skill and lucks a factor too)

On a side note: with the new torps (plasma), 5 tac console ships, creative use of torps/mines+science/tactical, and now mine doffs- I think the makers have decided that torps and mines are going to be a threat in pvp just like cannons are now (and have been for some time)

It would not surpise me if more special consoles/mines/torps enter into the game throughout 2013

Also, It would not surpise me that sometime during 2013 a new console/set makes beam arrays work great for dps on certain escorts and becomes a solid alternative to cannons as well

I think all the cannon/tac/bugs out there need to just accept this- cause all the signs are right there infront of us

OH and probly by season 8 we will have mixed cues with klinks for pvp(my moneys on after the ambassador ship is released the fed and the klinks storyline will have a shakey peace) just like in the show
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What will you guys do in pvps if the big fleets decide to say **** it you want tric spam you get it and drive you pugs to the spawn and spawn camp the **** out of you with tric spam o yay how fun. Yes we know ho to use them to the extreme! Your so called defenses are worthless use all the tbr faw ect you want you will still get owned for 100k+ damage.

Then you say they will be worthless if they nerf them a bit. I will ask you how so why will they be worthless? You don't think they will do 300k damage or more to a hull of a npc ship?

OMG now you have to actually take the shields down on your target and not just heal tank and drop mines and watch as it hits the tac cube and does 1 mill damage to it and go omg I am so good at this game I am sto god.

I will refer you to a star trek movie called first contact watch it then tell me how much torps cannons beams ect it took to kill one regular cube. Now tell me more on why you need to be able to one shot one?
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Originally Posted by beameddown View Post
Question from poster:

Oh, and if you can tell me how to reliably survive 600k worth of damage, delivered all at once, I would love to hear it.

Answer to poster:

Shoot it down.
Yeah, shoot down mines when you're placated, etc.

And mines that require an Intrepid w/ Ablative Armor enabled and buffed with PH, HE, to survive just one hit (and lose Ablative Armor, and subsequently die from the secondary and tertiary hits)!

How about you guys learn to play the game instead?

How about your PvE fleet learn how to beat pugs without Trics?

How about that ****?
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It's so telling that the only people defending this garbage are PvEers that couldn't solo a Cube, or guys in PvE fleets that troll queues with Tric mines. Guys you would never see in the queues before the introduction of these buffs, but now you see regularly.

No wonder they fight so hard to not get them nerfed. They can't do **** without them!
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01-06-2013, 04:05 AM
And if anyone ever says, lol PvEers are the poor abused puppies, while PvPers are the mean nasty grinches! Just point them to this thread.

And see how hard headed most of the PvEers are in this thread! No matter the evidence presented, or the fact that adjustments to prevent one shots would still leave them viable in PvE, most of them still insist nothing be done!

Why even play PvE if you can faceroll it so easily with DPB Trics? If you hate PvP so much, why would you want your time to be even more of a joke in PvE?

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