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Colony projects. Build a colony or two in different places by you alone.

These colonies will be visitable from sector space. They will be ground based map and will develop and changes over time with your support and local environment.

Opening certain colony project might close out other options as you slowly build the colony into a specialty such as military, science, espionage, trade, engineering, agricultural, etc...
Not only can you select the different types of buildings or developments, you can select the visual theme and feel of your colony. Want a wall city? Set up a project for that. Want a village that looks like the Romulan tutorial village? You can choose that style.

Each colony will give a small passive bonus, depending on colony level and specialty, while you are in its sector space. This include ground maps and Borg Red Alert event.
If colony is set up in the cluster space (the exploration side-mission area), then you will receive one set of passive bonus that is weaker than the type above but through out your faction's territories.

First you must find a suitable location. (For the sake of less complication in sector space, you can't see your planets from sector space, there is a menu option for you to visit, you'll be able to directly warp to your planet's orbit or beam to the planet surface.) You will send probes to a list of different randomly generated planets that suits your need and then you will lead and away team to examine the planet and lastly choose a suitable site on your selected planet.
Set up will be expensive. Large amount of EC and Dith, a few Boff and a more Doff.
Types of colonists sent there will help determined its specialty along with different chosen projects. Colony will grow by settling the colonists you get from the resettling Doff mission and/or permanently relocating Doff and Boff, by providing enough food/shelter/medical equipments, and ensuring self sufficiency with certain resource such as food. Klingon can increase the rate by using slave labors (but they die easily).

Of course, colonists will naturally flock to your colony if you set it up nicely. Depending on the environment and how you set it up, you will attract different race to your colony. A nice cool and dark place will attract more Reman and a dry desert place will attract Vulcan, etc... You can even try really hard and setup a liberated Borg colony.

At the same time, your settlers will give bonuses to the colony. More Vulcan settlers, faster your science related project will be completed. More Ferrangi, more income.

In return, your colony can produce different items at a very low cost. If your colony has a medical specialty, you can order them to produce medical commodities, healing items, or regen for low to no price with a wait in time. You can also make your colony to supply your faction directly for EC, your fleet's project directly for fleet credits, or your other rep projects. You can also set up trade with different NPC for Latium or place items into the exchange automatically. Romulan players will get extra boost in Romulan Rep system.
Advance colony can even produce purple very rare items or special Boff. You can even produce very special Boff for you fleet as well, but they'll be expensive for your fleetmates.

Your colony, will be under threats depending on its location or its environment. You will have to protect it from hostile factions (if you settled near the boarders), assets if a never encountered alien are friendly or not (if you settled in an unexplored cluster), or just natural disasters just about anywhere. If you play as Romulan, you might get attacked by Elachi or Tal Shiar.

You will have new Doff missions that support the colony.
If your colony is near the boarder, you can have your colony attack an enemy faction's colony and raid them for loot. This will be a risk on settling your colony on the edge of a warzone.
Inner colonies will never face hostile actions, but will never have to chance to get unusually rare loot/items.

You can always visit any friendly colony if you want. Since every colony is different, it will be nice to visit. You can help a stranger or friend's colony out by supplying them with needed items or shop from them at a discount if they produce items that you want.
Visiting your own colony will give a small boost in time for currently running project, a friend or stranger visiting your colony will also give a boost.

This would be a great long term investment for endgame. They will have to make sure time will play as a factor and deter grinding. If Cryptic wants to even expand the game into other realm, they can integrate this colony building rep as an iPad/Android/facebook game. You'll get a great sense of accomplishment by seeing your colony starting out from a few shacks in a village to a small metropolitan area (depending on the path you take your colony under).

So, how does this idea sound regardless if Cryptic/PWE can make it into reality or not?

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have you played Star Wars Galaxies?

But i guess that would be kind of pointless.

I would rather see a better Level of Customization brought to my personal Starship.
I would rather have a better level of Customization brought to my Fleet's Starbase.

Crewdecks, Crew Quarters. Smaller cooridors, lower ceilings, smaller properly sized bridges.

Why do you want a new place to do stuff that you can do at major hubs all across the Galaxy.

If i was to ask for anything it would be having Crew Quarters loaded into Starships and Starbases. So we could have aplace to display stuff, build out our Armories, Trophies and things like that.

Seriously you want a nother nearly pointless useless place that requires more hours and resources?
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I like the idea. I'm all for it. This could be a good way to incorporate the first officer idea that hasn't materialized into anything. It is also a good way to use other bridge officers that are now there just to hold items, etc and aren't on away teams or slotted in ship slots. This is a good excuse to keep doing colonial support assignments in the clusters and nebulas. I'd rather spend my time and resources on this than a fleet starbase/embassy/dilithium mine that has hit a wall and isn't progressing anymore. And this would be good for players that aren't in a fleet.
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10-11-2013, 09:24 AM
They'll probably never do this, but, still, it's a great idea.
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10-11-2013, 02:16 PM
This will give them another rep project idea, thanks OP. I strongly feel angry towards you. Your post is a good idea, but it will be assimilated.
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