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# 1 Combat Engineer Build
12-18-2012, 06:19 AM
I fly fleet patrol escort with this build...(energy weapons build)
engineer class with combat engineer build:

Ship: Fleet Patrol Escort
Fore weapons: 2x dual cannons , 1x dual heavy cannons , 1x cannons(all phaser type) mk XII
Deflector: maco deflector mk XII
Engine: maco engines mk XII
Shields: maco shields mk XII
Aft weapons: 3x turrets (phaser) mk XII
Devices: Subspace field modulator
Engineering Consoles: 2x plasma distribution manifold mk XI(purple) , 1x isometric charge , 1x eps flow regulator mk XI(purple)
Science Consoles: 1x field generator , 1x borg universal console
Tatical: 3x phaser relay mk XI (blue) , 1x zero point energy conduit

skill tree build:

it would be nice if you could show me where im wrong in build and how to improve it.

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# 2
12-18-2012, 07:01 AM
IMO, I would go (4) x Phaser DHC and get the best you can afford (Very rare, etc)

Replace the EPS console with your Assimilated console; you should have plenty of power overall being an Eng toon.

Add another Field Generator where your Assimilated console was located

Use (4) x Phaser Tactical consoles, get the best you can afford

The above will allow you to max out your DPS and boost your shield capacity


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12-21-2012, 12:12 PM
Previous poster is pretty much correct IMO, though I thought I might elaborate on a couple points and toss in an opinion or two of my own.

In an escort, single-cannons are basically nearly useless. Dual cannons, apparently according to research done by forum members, just don't give you the bang for your buck the dual heavy cannons can give you. As such, you're probably wasting weapon space and power if you stick single cannons on, and may well be doing the same with dual cannons.

You might want to consider putting a single torpedo launcher on this ship, so the layout would be 3 DHC, 1 torp fore, 3 turrets aft. Though since you have literally spec'd not one point into torps, I don't know if that would be ideal; nevertheless, it's what I'd consider. On a related note, if I recall correctly the Zero Point console is actually intended for quantum torpedo boosts, so it's doing basically nothing for this build.

Additionally the EPS console is mostly useless except for a few specific situations; due to changes made pre-season 5 (don't know when) it doesn't do what it used to in terms of replenishing weapon power, but rather helps with power transfer rates. It is also noteworthy that it does NOT boost the Electro-Plasma Systems stat, which does at least a few other things (perhaps most importantly, improves Emergency Power to X).

I would consider putting a single Neutronium console, best you can afford (at least Mk XI blue or Mk XII green, but higher is better) into one of the engineering slots, myself.

I would be interested in seeing what your BOff setup is. I strongly recommend a constant rotation of tactical team, combined with a constant rotation of Cannon Rapid Fire (preferably 2 or above) to get the most out of the dual heavy cannons.

Admittedly I'm not too sure what to suggest in terms of shields/deflector/engines - although the shields are good, I haven't been too familiar with how the sets have changed since S7 rolled in. I would however suggest you consider the Omega set, as it is considered optimum for DPS. That said, it may not fit your play style, and certainly seems worse for survivability, but nevertheless, I would be remiss not to at least mention it for your consideration.

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