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# 1 Hows my Galor looking?
12-22-2012, 06:37 AM
I was hoping to get opinions on my Fed Tac Galor - i have everything bought on this ship, trying out the shields, deflector and the engine out on Tribble before buying them

Spiral Wave Disruptor x3 Romulan Hyper Torp
Spiral Wave Disruptor x3 Omega Torp

MACO Deflector
Adapted MACO Engines
Adapted MACO Shields

Assimilated , Tachyokinetic converter, Blue XII Neutronium, Purple XII Electroceramic
Zero point energy conduit, Blue XI Field generators x2
Purple XII Disruptor Coils x3

51, 735 Hull
18, 667 Shields


Precision and Emergency Secondary Shielding
Hull Nanites and Omega Graviton Amplifiyer

Purple Shield Distribution Officer x3
Purple Space Warfare - Borg
Purple Hazard System Officer

HE 1, TSS 2
TT 1, BFAW 2, HY 3
EPW 1, ET 2, RSP 2, EWP 2
EPS 1, Auxillery power to Structural 1
PH 1

I think that is everything, at the moment im using the MACO shields with the Aegis 2 piece and was pleasently suprised about the Adapted giving my an extra 3k+ shields than what i have now
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# 2
12-22-2012, 08:39 AM
That's because the Adapted MACO is a copy of the KHG shield, which is Covariant rather than Resilient.

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