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I went to respec my tac officer. i have 6 tokens available. after I move skills around and noting that all points are accounted for, (the accept button is highlighted) i clik on select, and the click on the permission to use a token.
I wait about 5 seconds and watch as it doesnt accept any token and resets the values to thier original value.

On another note, i try to fill out a ticket about it, go through all the necessary steps, and click to send, it gives me a quick message that it was successful and gives me a ticket number. i then try to look up my ticket and it doesn't exist.

If anyone has some insight to how i could get this working, i'm all ears (not a ferengi lol)
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02-02-2013, 01:29 AM
Regarding respec Tokens, try hitting the "Clear All" button first as indicated in this thread.

Regarding support tickets, only GM tickets show up in a personal list that you can view/edit/close. All other tickets vanish into subspace, never again viewable by your eyes. Also, the general ticket search functionality has never worked since I joined the game back in ~May 2012.

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