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01-11-2013, 04:20 AM
You seem to have a very misguided impression of the extent of our fleet's influence, particularly on this event's ruleset. From what I understand, no one had a privileged status, and all attending at the meeting had to come to a consensus before some item or another was agreed upon. It's very unlikely that an item slipped in because a single fleet wanted it there (this goes for "Nadeon Detonator", a console or a power which frankly few of us had heard of before tonight).

Ultimately the rules are out of our hands, and if some change is made or deemed necessary we'll gladly adapt and move on. But none of the rules or proposals we make are there to protect us, I can assure you.

vids and guides and stuff

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01-11-2013, 08:44 AM
In regards to the Nadeon Detonator...

The Devs have already said that cd reduction DOFFs affecting consoles that benefit from the same skill(s) (ie: ICC and Conn Officers) is working as intended. Following that logic, it doesn't sound like the interaction, between Photonic DOFFs and Nadeon, is a bug. I'm sure we can get word on this, from a Dev, before the tournament begins.

btw, What council is deciding on the Additional Rules posted in Red? Just curious.
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01-11-2013, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
The doffs are incredibly problematic, and one thing that you're going to see used in this tournament is PSW combined with both the cooldown reduction and aftershock doffs. It's too incredibly powerful not to use it. Even two people properly set up can more or less nullify all of the extends on the other team, and the stun is great at both breaking cadence and guaranteeing a kill versus a repulsed () target.

Detonators aggravate the problem, but are not the cause of it. The doffs are the cause, obviously, and the only rule that makes sense is to limit the doffs.

A certain group thinks they can have their cake and eat it too -- mass repulsors make a team relatively safe against PSW with a 5 km repulse being a rather good counter against a 3km AOE stun. Banning Detonators just means that you can't stun them, but they can stun you. This tactic is pure cheese, and while it won't work against Pandas it will make every other team (with the possible exception of TSI, now that they have read this) that comes across it have a very bad day.

It's also interesting that SS is banned. I doubt anyone can claim with a straight face that SS is still OP, but three or more copies of it is the best hard counter to the strategy I outlined above.

Like I said earlier, these rules should be about balance, not about artificially buffing uncreative playstyles that would otherwise be vulnerable or flawed. What we have right now isn't going to teach these new fleets we have joining up how to PvP, and it isn't going to give them an experience they'll want to return for.
You sincerely think we made the rules in suggesting it in so many words.

Well we didn't.

You're paranoid and delusional at this point to think we have that kind of leverage in doing such a thing. We also have put together 2 rosters, in fact aided another fleet in the putting together of a 3rd roster with TRH members.

We spread all of our best across these teams in effort to let everyone have an experienced run rather than a stacked run. Now your overwhelming confidence and arrogance on this forum about yourself your Panda aura is old news. We discussed this negative attitude in good detail with one of your fleet members, and for this none sense to be set aside and avoided all together.

We have proven ourselves against your fleet on many separate occasions, 3 of which that are on youtube.

Previous Tournament:
Where the timer ran out, which your team was aware of and then once your team had a lead you claimed victory. Cheap, but no cigar.

A pug made with TRH
A Panda coming into our TS after the match is in the video, and providing excuses through the roof was gravy.

And my personal favorite, 15-0 with 1 pug on each team.

Our fleet does`t need to convince you that we had nothing to do with the rules being made aside from the meeting your team member also attended. We also do not need to convince your fleet we`re a formidable team and emboldened by those which you banned wrongfully. We also do not need to convince you that we need special rules to beat you. So take your negative assumptions about us elsewhere.

However, we will convince our own fleet members that they are more important than our quarrel with your rotten attitude. We will employ a sportive attitude in the development of their game play rather than stack a team with the more experienced and be obsessed with winning a tournament. In this case you will no doubt will be doing, leaving all your less experienced under development phase.

You take care now, I`ve said all that`s needed to be said on the subject matter. And good luck on your tournament run.
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01-11-2013, 11:39 AM

I think you are one of the best guys in the game, on the piloting and build tip, as well as the team composition tip, on top of your great attitude..... Just make you a great player to be around, and a great person to banter with.


You are possibly the smartest guy I've ever played the game with. Your analyzation of the current environment and how to tackle it are possibly unparalleled in STO. You also make flying a Sci/Sci look flawlessly easy.

Those things aside, we have spoken at length on my opinion, both of you, about the game, and restrictions for tournament rules.

The addition of the nadion detination console did raise my eyebrows greatly, on top of the exclusion of just 1 boff power being scrambles.

I just do not see how this should not have already caught the attention of the better thinkers in this game. I would not participate in this tournament even if I could. Which I wish I could, but real life is kicking me in the balls right now.... And I would not participate because of the rule set and the knowledge I have of what fleets are running right now. This knowledge I have acquired through teaming with, and teaming against, as well as pug matches with the fleets involved.

And you guys know me, I don't stir the pot, cause drama, troll people, ect ect.... But I think that all parties involved in this tourney should reevaluate all things.

Once again, you know I have respect for both of you, but I think that Jorf has a point, and Pax does as well. Hopefully there is no underhanded business goin on, but because I am aware, and for a living monitor trends and make adjustments, I can't help but throw up a red flag at these rules.

Have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-
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01-11-2013, 12:04 PM
A Panda coming into our TS after the match is in the video, and providing excuses through the roof was gravy.

Recording peoples voices is against peoples privacy and is highly illegal! I shall be pursing this with the authorities! it is against the law!
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01-11-2013, 12:21 PM
I know one thing was good when this tournament started - Various fleets coming together to create the rules.

I have 1 question:
Were the new additions to the rules made in the same manner as you made the original rules? (As a collection of fleets and not unilaterally?)

Paxi, Paxi,
I have been civil for a while and stayed "in the shadows" so to speak in these forums, but this remark just infuriated me when I saw it and I had to respond:
"Where the timer ran out, which your team was aware of and then once your team had a lead you claimed victory. Cheap, but no cigar."
Within 2 minutes of the match being over, we clearly said you had won. So it seems like your lieing seems to be continuing. I distinctly remember saying on that occasion that the better team on the day won.

I know I never saw eye to eye with you in the past, but I have had respect growing for you over the last few months for the way you openly came out and asked for a "Fresh start" with the PVP community and especially for organising this tournament.
I know it must be really difficult for you to manage the tournament, however all I ask is that you put the "red" rules to the same vote as you did with the originals as these additions seem to feel as if they were decided on unilateraly.
If you want to discuss the above statement, you know you always get my ear when you ask.
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01-11-2013, 12:52 PM
OK now, everybody chill please.

I assume you guys are all aware that the rules have agreed upon collectivly. So no foul play there.

May I iterate a sentence that I posted before:
"Since this endeavour is supported by Cryptic, I tried (as the representative of TRH during that meeting) to work towards having as few rules as possible, in order to ensure widest possible participation in this tournament. "

Only exception: Stuff that is broken or exploitative in nature.

Now, some stuff has been prohibited from the tourney that is IMO not broken. Oh well. Wasnt too happy about it but nothings perfect...

Regarding the time ship stuff: see my previous in this thread.

Regarding this nadeon console: Until I read about it here I really didnt know anything about it. But how about that:
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I think someone mentioned that there is a problem with its cooldown when combined with photonic officer and photonic doffs. You can push the cooldown down to 20s(?) or some other really low number.
So a P2W console with a 3 minutes cooldown is getting reduced to less than 20 seconds? Wow call me crazy but I dont think thats working as intended... BTW same reasoning why D'Kora EMP is also prohibited.

I can understand why that console has been banned.

Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
btw, What council is deciding on the Additional Rules posted in Red?
I am not aware that any kind of voting has been conducted for the additional rules. I'd say we should cut the organizers some slack though. They want this enterprise to succed. But maybe we can come all together and vote as a community on those new rules?

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01-11-2013, 01:26 PM

.The Spanish Inquisition.
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01-11-2013, 01:32 PM
Agreed Hank - That's what I was getting to - Vote for the additional rules in the same way as the original rules.
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01-11-2013, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by the4monkeys View Post
A Panda coming into our TS after the match is in the video, and providing excuses through the roof was gravy.

Recording peoples voices is against peoples privacy and is highly illegal! I shall be pursing this with the authorities! it is against the law!
not as long as 1 person is aware of it, and I am guess the person recording was aware of it. Sorry try again monkey
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