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# 1 LF UK Fleet
12-22-2012, 09:15 AM
Hi, I'm looking for an active social/casual fleet with voice comms and a strong mature UK membership.
I've been playing for a few weeks and really enjoying it, but would like to chat and team up for PvE missions etc. I regularly run the elites that i've learnt the tactics for, but I'd like to learn more about the mechanics of the game as i'm pretty sure my science build and modules aren't all in harmony. I currently use an Omega ground set and the Jem'hadar space set with polaron and transphasic weapons. I'd like to improve my knowledge and build before choosing appropriate upgrades.
I'm in my 40s, a long time gamer, a former WoW raider and although STO is my main game now (average 4-5 hours per day, mornings and late night), i still play a bit of Eve and World of Tanks.
My personal traits include Logical, Dry Humour and Sarcasm
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12-22-2012, 01:49 PM
We may be perfect for you (I hope)
The TOS Veterans is a social first fleet where adults (+30) can get together with no rules and no bosses and just have fun.
We have both a North American and European Hegemony (UK Department), and the UK side is at a good size where you can join in on some of the activities but not get lost in the fleet.
Most of us are in our 40's and we have nothing is mandatory.
Please check out our website by clicking on my signature link (tosfleet.com) and see that we are not that serious but all big Star Trek fans.
Mark (James Bailey)
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