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After a year of not being able to play STO because of horrible sattelite service, I get lucky. I still have satt internet but it works so well I don't even notice. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what to do. Just now though, I updated and logged in just like I did in the old days when I lived in a populated area. Anyway, I am posting this for two reasons, one I am excited to be coming back and two, just in case there are others out there feeling the pain I did try to look at exede satt internet. I just logged in and played around a little. Where I live its snowing like crazy and no issue so, there is another option for those of you still in the depressing place I was in.

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02-13-2013, 07:34 AM
Where are you in game?
Hopefully I'll come back from my break; this break is fun; I play intellectual games.

I hope STO get's better ...
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02-13-2013, 07:48 AM
I am @chrislove, Corbin or Kanibul primarily
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02-13-2013, 07:49 AM
And I am right outside the Acamar System
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02-13-2013, 09:43 AM
Welcome back! To celebrate your return, send me a PM at @ambigue and I'll hook you up with a free mirror universe ship (since I have a few extras) if you'd like.
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02-13-2013, 09:47 AM
If I recall correctly were catching a little solar flare hit. you might get a hiccup.
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