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I would like to make some interface requests.

1) Please up the amounts of large hypos, large shield, etc... Every time I need start filling requirements for any type of project, I find myself clicking buy, then scrolling over 20, then clicking OK and repeating the process 2 or 3 times (whatever the number of items needed) until I reached the maximum. This is a very tedious process.

2) It would be nice if all items had their categories in the item description under the item title. Some of them do like, but most do not. This is especially confusing when trying to search for specific items. For example, strange alien artifact. It is not your first inclination to think that it is under the data samples when it mentions the word "device" in the description and you find yourself searching ship device or personal devices first. Putting the item category under the item title makes sense.

3) Thank you for grouping the exchange. A further step would involve a more advanced search option. I know people have asked for this before, but I have not and therefore am adding my voice to theirs. There should be an option to search by item category and description in addition to the already existing item title for keywords. It should not be so tedious to search for 15% in the conn officer category to bring up all APO doffs. Unfortunately, the search only works for item title.

4) There should also be an option to search for faction specific items. As a KDF, do I really care about all the fed Tholian warfare officers or do I just care about the KDF ones I can buy? How many people have wasted ECs buying an officer they can't even use?

I find myself wasting a minimum of 5 minutes right clicking on each of the dlyrene specialists to see if it has a KDF rank or not. When I search for dlyrene, it brings up all fed and KDF specialists and there is nothing to distinguish a KDF from a fed specialist in the icon, nor the description snippet without drilling down into the officer.

5) They duty officer recommendations are not the best recommendations. For example, when I am raising an epohh for romulan marks, the recommendations only list my rare biologists. I have 2 very rare biologists that it doesn't even list first. The 2 very rare biologists do not have any traits needed for the missions, but neither do the rare biologists. However, we all know that very rare contributes more to the success than rare. It is not only for this assignment but many others where I have to choose my own picks rather than depending on the recommendations.

The order of priority in how the recommendations are listed should be coded in a manner that ranks the duty officers from highest to lowest (in the UI) according to their amount of positive contribution to the success rate (critical success + success) of the assignment/mission.

If anyone else wants to contribute, please do so. These are some of my current pet peeves in performing my "daily routine" in this game. For 2013, can we please focus on things like this before we start new content of features?
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