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# 1 Welcome to Starfleet's Elite
01-28-2013, 01:01 AM
Fleets name: Starfleet's Elite
Description: We are Starfleet's Elite. We have been around since day one in STO and have a long and glorious history. Founded on Stardate 87705.05 (at the end of Headstart in late January 2010) We have many very dedicated Star Trek fans in our fleet and we love to talk about our love of Trek and STO.

Starfleet's Elite Proudly serving the United Federation of Planets Since Stardate 87705.05
we currently have 157 members and constantly growing.

Goal- To be a fun and enjoyable place for all.

Alt Policy- All your alt toons are welcomed if you make a new character just pm a fleet member for an invite. Your fleet rank stays the same across all your toons. Just let us know if your new toon needs a promotion.

1- Respect all members and staff
2- Do not use the fleet to enrich yourself
3- Help others if you can
4- Contribute to fleet projects as you can
5- Remember our fleet name and dont damage our image
6- Be Polite to those you try to recruit
7- Dont be greedy when buying from fleet stores
8- Do not grief others fleet or non fleet
9- Do not exploit others

Fleet Uniform
Any Proper Starfleet Uniform can be your fleet uniform follow the guide at

Fleet Projects Priority-
1- Upgrades
2- Limited Time Specials
3- Standard Projects

We focus on the Upgrades first because they give us the most benefits as a fleet.

Rank System
Rank 1- Trainee Officer - Entry Level
Rank 2- Enlisted Officer - 50,000 Fleet Credits
Rank 3- Junior Officer - 100,000 Fleet Credits
Rank 4- Mid-Level Officer - 250,000 Fleet Credits
Rank 5- Senior Officer - 500,000 Fleet Credits
Rank 6- Executive Officer - Fleet Staff Members
Rank 7- Commanding Officer - The Fleet Leader
-Sometimes we may fall behind on promotions if you were missed for promotion please inform a staff member they will check your status and promote you if you meet the criteria.

Fleet Logo is required on all ships where its possible to apply it.

Duty officers for fleet projects can be purchased for fleet credits on the Deep Space One Ops Level

All Members are able and encouraged to recruit.

our KDF side.

fleet name: The Klingon High Council

We are The Klingon High Council is the Klingon Division of the Federation Fleet Starfleet's Elite. Our organization has been around since February 2010 and we have a long glorious tradition.

it follows the same rules as our Federation side and currently has 71 members and continues to grow as well.

if you have questions or would like more info contact myself or any member of the fleet at any time.

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