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# 1 reliable boff bug workaround
02-19-2013, 07:57 AM
Hey everybody,

Everybody and their uncle probably knows about the Boff bug, but i tried a lot of the 'fixes' but none of them were reliable.

I wanted to post this because so far it seems like this method is pretty reliable in getting what boff you want into whatever slot. I know there is a long thread about this issue in the bugs forum but i dont want to scroll through 20 pages to see if this has been mentioned.

What happened to me is that my Tac, Eng and Sci BoFFs were not able to be placed in the station. So what i did was i got a duplicate of each type and upon letting them join my crew their name would appear in the drop down menu. Once that happened I was able to select my actual BoFF from the station dropdown box and place them in the station.

In my case too though i was working on a fresh toon that was only level 5. So i only had 3 BoFFs (1 of each), and i also had 3 stations (also 1 of each) and i only had 1 free BoFF slot for a total of 4 BoFFs active. I know that at higher levels you get more active BoFF slots. I didnt want to mess with any of my level 50s, but this thread will probably be more helpful to people leveling that have to switch ships.

Here is a brief step by step...remember I have 3 actual BoFFs and i had to purchase 3 duplicate BoFFs. Actual BoFFs were already part of my crew, upon purchase duplicate BoFFs will go into the available candidates section.

-Hit U, go to STATIONS tab (status/skills/stations/reputation)
-ensure your actual BoFFs are on the active BoFF list on the left
-ensure you have at least 1 open active BoFF slot on the left
-your duplicate BoFF should be on the right under bridge officer candidate
-click the duplicate BoFF and there is an option to train up, join up
-click the join up option for your duplicate BoFF
-the duplicate boff will automatically get assigned to an open station
-you should now be able to click the dropdown arrow for that station and select your actual BoFF
-once your actual BoFF is in the station, you can discharge the duplicate BoFF
-to discharge a BoFF click the STATUS tab and on the bottom 'career options'

That is the step for putting 1 boff into 1 station. You just need to repeat it now for each class. So you need to buy a duplicate sci, tac, eng boff. If for example you have a ship with 2 tac stations and both your two actual tac boffs are on the active list you will probably have to repeat the above steps twice to get each one into their respective station. So that means you will have to buy two duplicate tac boffs that you will later on have to discharge. Or you can keep any duplicates in your active roster and train them up too, whichever you prefer. I bought a spare one for 50 creds on the exchange, and i asked in chat for a free one that nobody wanted anymore.

anyways sorry for the long post, hope it helps though

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# 2
02-21-2013, 11:22 PM
I've found the best and easiest way to slot Bridge Officers in your new ships.

Go to bridge view. Sit in the Captain's chair. Hit the character icon, and then choose "Stations". Once you do that, simply choose which position you want your officer in, and then choose him/her in the drop down menu. Make sure to hold the name for 5 full seconds. It will then change to your bridge officer's name. They are now slotted.

The trick is holding you choice down until the name appears. If you try and just choose them quickly, it will not work.

Glad to help!
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# 3
02-22-2013, 12:12 AM
The EASIEST solution AND the cheapest AND the 1 with least messing around is this.

You got the BOFF bug.. Oh dear!!!!

Transwarp to Sol..leave Sol...enter Delta for an explore. Enter explore...reequip all officers in Bridge slots...leave explore mission...resume normal playing

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02-22-2013, 08:00 AM
Are either of those repeatable or reliable though?

I didnt do anything special but here were some alternatives i tried:

-changed instances to lowest pop
-zoned between maps
-went to Delta Volanis
-went to bridge (didnt sit in chair though)

Sometimes i even did them repeatedly or back and forth between one and another but none of those worked. I happened to discover the method i mentioned above by accident. I had an extra boff in the candidate list and my 3 original were in the active list, i was planning on replacing one of my actives anyways with one that i liked the look of. Thats when i noticed that after having the candidate join my crew that it allowed me to change from one boff to another (of the same class of course).

Still its worth it for newbies to try the cheap/easy first before doing mine which might cost a few creds. I havent been in game for a few days so i dont know if BoFFs are still bugged, and even if i was in STO i'd be afraid to mess with my BoFFs right now.
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# 5 Fixed
02-22-2013, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by stonewbie View Post
Are either of those repeatable or reliable though?

... I havent been in game for a few days so i dont know if BoFFs are still bugged, and even if i was in STO i'd be afraid to mess with my BoFFs right now.
Should be fixed now.

Release Notes: February 21, 2013:

Resolved an issue that prevented some players from assigning Bridge Officers to their ships.

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