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# 1 Black screen
01-15-2010, 11:59 PM
I am getting black screen crashes randomly in game. You can still hear the music in the backround sometimes, but other times the music sounds as if it freezes. My machine was supposed to handle anything. I followed advice and updated my drivers and turned off dynamic lightning in your video options. When my screen goes black my HD LCD starts flashing Digital to Analog. I am really enjoying the game. But when you can get only 20-30 minutes max in game it is a little bit frustrating. Please Assist.

System info can be found at the link below.
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I have had this problem since season 7 was released. Apparently there are more players ith the same issue. I have tried everything to fix it. I have updated my drivers, changed my screen resolution, lowered all the settings within the game and nothing has worked. I don't even know if the devs see this problem or not with the members. I am lost with how to fix this issue. I started playing Star Wars Old Republic because I cannot play STO without the game crashing within the first minute of playing.
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# 3
01-01-2013, 01:53 PM
I'm having an altogether similar, yet dissimilar issue. In certain areas... particularly the Breen Invasion missions, some of the settings load to a black screen. the game continues the entirety of it's functionality even still showing the HUD and various other interfaces the only thing no longer visible is the terrain of certain sectors and ground missions, this includes ships and actors.

I've updated my drivers, changed the resolution, forced a verification of the files and still this is happening. I'd becoming quite bothersome to complete these missions.

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