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I just got a unique purple Bajoran Flight Deck officer out of a lockbox doff pack.
Her power is to double the number of boarding shuttles.

Her traits are Resolve, Spiritual, Aggressive, Unruly

That sounds about as close to a religious fundamentalist nutjob as they come in Trek.

That kind of gave me a little morbid idea for a new doff power.

An officer like this could have a chance to ram and explode boarding party shuttles on target... basically suicide attackers.
(of course the pilots beam out Chakotay at the last second)
We have seen this several times in Star Trek: Caretaker (Voyager pilot) and the latest movie with the Jellyfish ramming the Nerada.

The shuttle hitting the target would deal kinetic damage on ramming and warp core breach as a secondary explosion. (a weak hargh'peng) without the radiation damage.

with a purple officer like that you had a 33% chance per shuttle to trigger the ramming speed/explosion damage.
if you have a flight deck officer with a chance to double shuttles, this could add up to 6 kamikaze shuttles.
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01-02-2013, 11:42 AM
If you play KDF, the Kar'fi carrier's fighters have the Ramming Speed ability. It's pretty funny, actually, especially when they crit on a ram.
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01-02-2013, 01:33 PM
Never noticed that.
But it would not be the first time an innate power of another item or boff ability is being transphered/copied/adapted by a doff.

If the mechanic already exists in game in another form it shouldn't be such a big deal to create this doff (and add the exploding trait to the proc).

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