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Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "Everyone has their own fleet these days". Well, what if I told you this isn't one of those pop-up and disappear again fleets the community is probably used to by now.

After searching I did not find a fleet that matched my criteria. Thus, I decided to launch a Bloodpact venture into Star Trek Online - an MMORPG community going on it's 8th year.

What we can offer:
  • Voice chat, to be used once we have grown our member base.
  • We won't hound you to contribute. We're not here to use you, but we hope you are social and end up hanging out with us on voice comm. If you decide after being a member for a while that you want to contribute, that is your choice. We do intend on finishing the Starbase ASAP of course, regardless.
  • We will not force you into a certain type of content. Enjoy the game.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy of drama. Civilized discussion is how we solve problems.
  • Humour may be 18+, we have no family friendliness policy. It is however entirely up to you whether you think you are mature enough to join, thus we have no age limit.
  • We are Section 31 themed. We are however not a role playing fleet.
If this sounds like your cup of raktajino, check us out at!

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