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# 1 My Task Force
12-27-2012, 04:27 PM
My Task Force are the primary ships for my FED and KDF faction toons. I have reached th point where I have enough Captains (VA-level) and now am just focusing on end-game development; so here are my Task Forces.

FED Task Force
Jacqlin (TAC-Human) Mobius Destroyer Time Ship (Senior Officer)
Vlar (SCI-Vulcan) Wells Time Ship
Kiersten (ENG-Human) Fleet Heavy Cruiser-R
Artrin (ENG-Betazoid) Sovereign-R Cruiser (will upg to Fleet Version)
Korol (TAC-Exiled Kling) Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (Section 31)
Jeri (SCIBorg/Human) Vesta Multi-Mission

KDF Task Force
Jo'rak (ENG-Klingon) Fleet Vorcha Battlecruiser (Senior Officer)
Merei (TAC-Orion) Guramba Siege Destroyer
S'Rani (SCI-Feresan) Korath Destroyer Time Ship
Ma'veq (TAC-Lib Borg) Krenn Time Ship (KDF Special Ops)
Kora (ENG-Klingon) Negh'var Heavy Battlecruiser (will upg to Fleet version)
Joslin (SCI-Trill) Breen Chel Grett Cruiser (Mercenary/Former Kling Host)

Almost all of my Captains have a secondary ship, to include Carriers for all my SCI (Atrox, Recluse, and Kar'Fi), FED TAC (Armitage), and KDF Fleet Corsair FDC (Joslin). Also the Odyssey (FED) and Bortas'qu (KDF) Dreadnoughts on the ENG (Kiersten and Jo'rak).

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