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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
All really depends if the ends justify the means.

I hit Omega T4 a few days ago, and am quite impressed with the Omega Plasma torpedo and the new Borg set. I would, therefore, argue that it was worth it overall.

Not convinced it would've been if the set was useless though.
Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
I hated the old system, to be honest. Most of the time we would complete and STF and it wouldn't drop a prototype borg tech. In the few times it did, someone else would get the roll on it.

I imagine I did over 100 STF's and never got a complete set of Omega. I never even tried to get MACO.

I hate the new system because it is still a grind. There are too many grinds in this game. You grind for your starbase, your grind for your embassy, your grind for reputation... They are all trash compactor mechanics where you log in, feed the compactor some valuable items, log out, and then rinse and repeat 100 times.

All I want is some set items. You shouldn't have to punish yourself this hard to get them!

Next "feature" to be released by Cryptic: Mail order blood donations! Send us your blood, get free items!
But im all out of blood. They took that too
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12-28-2012, 11:08 AM
Thats most probably the greatest idea's I have heard yet. We can craft what we want. It would also improve craft aswell.
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12-28-2012, 11:36 AM
to be honest, i too think this game has become too much of a grind. It's killing my alts, i don't like that i have to grind currencies not to buy something, but to unlock it only to have to grind more to actually buy it. The costs of these things alone is ridiculous, especially how little extra benefit you're getting from going up to the higher mark. The game was a grind before season 7 and all season 7 did was add a few new grinds and a new place to do it. players should never had to pay to unlock an item in the store, that's what they did when they leveled up to the next tier so making them grind for the level req, then the unlock, then again for the price of the item itself is pretty much triple charging them for an item that they used to be able to get for a single cost. The only real problem with the last system was people wanted a guaranteed way to get MK XII.

I don't get on and play all that much any more simply because this game has gone from being a great way to spend time to being almost like a second job because i'm stuck doing content i don't really like (usually at inconvenient times for bonus') for little to no pay off at the end. Grinding for a reward isn't so bad, but Cryptic has made it grinding to the level requirement needed to grind to unlock the item in a store you have to grind to pay for with the possibility to grind to unlock to upgrade it later on.

It just seems like an excessive way of saying we've given up on new content or game improvements because this was just easier.

P.S. I know it sounds a little harsh and i'm sorry for that, but this game really seems to have lost that great Star Trek feel only to become 'Generic Space Game the MMO'
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The old system grind, grind, grind and you may get tech to drop.

New system grind, but not as much as you did before and you don't have to do the same STF over and over again. You get Dilithium each run you do, so giving some of that back is not that big of a deal.

I like the new system compared to the previous.
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I have spoken to many people in my fleet now and they have also all said they wanted to do pvp but cant as the grind to the gear is too much. They run Gorn mine feild and SB 24 constantly to try get something decent. We have managed to help a few out with MK XII gear but its the sets that they wanted. With out the borg sets and Maco/Omaga whats the point lol.
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Well for thoe of you that still think Its "BETTER" the new way here is some numbers for you.
to get all ground sets you will need:

8250 Marks
135.000 dilithium
Borg Pro's 90

this is just for ground all ground sets mk X, XI, MK XII

for all space sets MK XII, MK XI, MK X

417.000 Dilithium
16.500 Marks
90 Borg Pro's

For the borg Sets MK X, MK XI, MK XII and the special torp and cutting beams along with anything else you need:

7.575 marks
238.500 dilithium
15 Borg pro's

for all store unlocks or consumables you need

1.350 marks

so in total you will need.

790.500 Dilithium
33.675 marks
195 borg pro's

This is just for the Omega Reputation i have not taken into account the Romulan Grind yet. But for those who think that the old way was unfair or worse these type of numbers kind of say otherwise. Now consider you have two toons or three. I myself have 14. But only 4 are main toons.....

Try to work out how many STF's it takes to get this much and then try to say its better. We never spent Dilithium on our MACO gear before hand. We got the drops that we converted into Dilithium. now were grinding it to spend it on the vry stuff were grinding for. Its one bit CON.
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12-28-2012, 03:43 PM
Nail head the hit on.... my friend diabolical ruined the game IMO

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Originally Posted by craigthemaster View Post
Well for thoe of you that still think Its "BETTER" the new way here is some numbers for you.
to get all ground sets you will need:

The fact that you've been able to break down exactly what's required not to mention your progress is nicely tracked means I prefer the new way. I never even bothered with STFs after getting the Borg space set previously because I've got no patience for random drops.

Also your calculations assume that you get every single item/set, I (and probably a lot of people) skipped Mk X entirely and got only 1 Mk XI ground set for the instant remodulation while I save up for the Mk XII sets.

If you're someone who has to have every item the moment it comes out then yea sorry, it sucks, but I'm happy to keep working on it gradually getting the gear I want, so it's all good.
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I think they should reduce the dilithium costs of reputation stuff by 50%.

Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by craigthemaster View Post
What are your thoughts...
1. Here's a game with actual grind I'd like you to try out. Questing falls by the wayside pretty quickly and you're just killing X number of mobs. Pretty looking game, mind you.

What you should have typed was "Tagging Epohhs is repetitive and boring."

2. "Pay to win" might apply to PvP. But this isn't a PvP game nor should the development be focused in that direction. What you mean to say is "Pay to kill Borg NPCs five seconds faster." and I'm quite fine with letting people spend their money to do that.

3. What minor grind there is is for vanity items and gear you don't need outside of specific situations. It's your choice to stick your hand in that particular cookie jar, but you're not forced into it by the game.
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