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02-06-2013, 12:34 AM
I've had a Gorn Eng. for eight months now and he is an absolute terror in every circumstance I've dropped him in. PvP, Elite STFs, Deferi Hard, whatever. With a bunker fabrication kit and a Bortasqu' war cruiser with the whole console set, he's a one-man-army/one-ship-armada.

On your way to the endgame level, every Klingon cruiser from K'tinga on up has four forward weapon slots so they all hit like the fist of an angry god. My prefered tactic is to charge head on with cannons blazing, torpedoes flying as fast as my crew can load them, pin the enemy with a tractor beam once I close within 5km, dust them with warp plasma as I fly by, maybe park a set of mines off their bow if my ship is so equipped, use evasive maneuvers to pull a quick 180 and throttle back to full reverse to bring my weapons to bear again. With my Bortasqu' in PvP I often destroy fed escorts in a single pass. And yeah, it can take even more punishment than what it's dishing out.

In short, It's a Man's Life in the KDF!

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