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# 1 Bugs + other
12-29-2012, 07:23 AM
not sure if it was intended
Federation Minefield: get Rewarded twice at the end

Tier 3 Scorpion hanger bay item Bug: the Doff requirements accept common doffs not uncommon doffs,
and its suppose to take uncommon doffs.

Auxiliary to battery and emergency to shields not sharing cooldown

Leadership trait not working: side note leadership trait needs to be
reduce to 10 hull repair and 15 sub repair.

Players are able to log out during combat in PVP.

Kinetic beam and Torpedoes are killing off way to much crew
this debuff needs to be nerfed or removed from the weapons.

Romulan torpedo cooldown needs to be adjusted, peopel are able to shoot 3 torpedos
every half a second.

Cure space elite: Kang defense needs to be fix and increased, over the past few seasons
you developers increase the damage and adjusted the borg but didnt bother to fix kang defense.

When training my Science Boff on my science character
Dampening field I is in the wrong place it suppose to be in the Commander section
but its in the LT commander section of officer training abilities.

character switching disableds fleet chat, and sometimes able to see fleet chat from a previous

Embassy consoles regarding shield repair/healing, not working.
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12-29-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by artanisen View Post
Romulan torpedo cooldown needs to be adjusted, peopel are able to shoot 3 torpedos
every half a second.
This is not a bug but working as intended. Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedos have a very low damage (actually the lowest damage of all torpedos in this game) and therefore need this high firing rate. Go and test them and you will see that they are far from being overpowered. In fact DPS-wise its still much better to field four dual heavy cannons instead of three cannons and one hyper torpedo launcher. If anything, they actually need a buff.

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