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# 1 Universal Consoles
12-29-2012, 07:26 AM
I was considering whether the Nadeon Detonator Console was worth saving Zen for, when I started to wonder the following:

Universal Consoles:
How many are worth it at all?
Special Stat boosts or Extra Abilites?
Which Slots do people put them in?
How many at once is viable (could you use only universal consoles?)

For the record my main (Fed Sci Vice Admiral) currently uses 3 universal consoles:
Assimilated Module
Romulan console (I forget the name)
Isometric Charge (sounded fun, console packs were cheap on the exchange, and I have maxed particle gen so its quite effective)

All 3 are in science slots on my mirror Recon Sci vessel.

Are there any others people would recommend (especially if they don't cost zen)

My KDF tac alt is only a captain at the moment, though recommendations for her, are also welcome (I don't currently have an engineer)
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# 2
12-29-2012, 07:38 AM
I can offer a little insight to KDF uni-consoles you might want to pick up

Plasmonic leech - give a bit of energy bonus to all 4power slots, VERY handy

Ship acquired from - Vandal Destroyer

Aecton Assimilator - (warning: use it and people might rage at you for being a noob), clears all nearby mines/targetable torps, draws a LOT of aggro (use at your own risk in heavy populated mpc areas), when fired on releases a AOE blast damaging enemies, and has an innate energy draining ability to boot.. VERY handy

Ship acquired from - Draguras Support Vessel

Something that is kinda good kinda bad is the isometric discharge console, can do some nice damage if there are 4+ nearby enemies, with gravity well it becomes a bit easier to use..

Ship acquired from - Vorkang Class

Another ship that you might want to get it the Scourge destroyer for theta radiation, but in all honesty its usefullness is negated by its cooldown, warp plasma does more, and coolsdown quicker..

Other consoles you should consider are cross-faction ones, e.g. antimatter spread for KDf might be handy, but i actually dont see the appeal, a good AMS requires skill points which are better placed in other skills..


In all honesty, most of the time you are better off slotting non-universal consoles in most slots, e.g. in tactical slots have consoles that boost your energy weapon choice etc.. Consoles tend to give new toys, but lose to people who build thier ships for damage/healing.
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# 3
12-29-2012, 08:45 AM
The funny thing about the isometric discharge is that with the opposing faction console packs it's now easier and cheaper to get fed side (mine came out at about 300k EC if memory serves)

in fact that really means anything that goes-cross faction is arguably easier to get on the opposing faction as the combination of found in lockboxes (not necessarily wanted) and tradeable on the exchange is very powerful.

Plasmonic Leech is something I might consider for the KDF alt as it's quite cheap Zen wise.

As you favor the KDF, aside from the Iso Charge is there anything else that's gone cross faction that you think a Fed Sci might benefit from?
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# 4
12-29-2012, 09:04 AM
just looking through them now...

Cross faction for Feds,

graviton pulse, from what i've heard can be dangerous if specced right in PVP, pve not too shabby, it basically can take a cluser of target's engines offline, but limited to that (not personally tested it myself, but from what i have heard of)

Subspace Jump, This one moves you behind your target, can be useful if you need to bring ccannons to bear down on a target, or to move youself out of danger, but from what i experianced on my KDF its alright.. but nothing amazing

Theta radiation/isometric i've already gave you my opinions on :p
[Combat (Self)] Your Bite deals 2378 (1475) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother.

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