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# 1 Episode missions
12-28-2012, 07:41 AM
I made a fourth Federation character, trying to find something else to do, since I was bored of season 7 and the reputation system. But I found myself doing the same old mission, that still don`t give anything useful when you have a high level character that can buy or craft stuff. I was hoping that the Romulan front mission will give Romulan mark, but no. I cannot say I`m surprised, but... Since I have done the race with him 19 times now to get the Breen ship, I still want to level him up. So I found myself doing anything, but the episode mission. They are time consuming and give nothing, or nearly nothing, useful.

So please, add some randomness, so that you don`t do exactly the same thing each time. It could be as simple as each section of a mission having 3 variants, so that the mission is not exactly the same. For some, it may not be applicable, but for most it is. Give some special item, at random. The only special item that everybody wanted from the episode missions was the Borg console and you remove it. And you had to do a specific mission to get it. Give Romulan marks for Romulan missions, at least some. Give Omega marks for the Borg Invasion daily quest. Even if we cannot use it right away, at least it will give use a head start when we reach the level. Lower the minimum level requirement, so that someone that want to do all the missions can do it without having to do other things just to get to the level of the next one. And I repeat it, I would like a slow progression option! We level up too fast to 50. Maybe some thing would need balancing. I do the Klingon front completely at Advance difficulty, without problem, other than taking more time. I didn't try the elite level, just because of the time it take. But, when I get to the Romulan front, I go back to normal. Especially the Mogai Escort, I don't know if it just me, but I just cannot get them at Advance level. I manage the D'deridex Battleship, even when they cut me in a tractor beam and shoot their spread of high yield plasma torpedoes, but I cannot to anything against the Mogai.

Please, do something for the episode mission to make them fun and interesting to play with a new character. Now, it fun to do them once, but after... Some people, like me, prefer to play a new character, instead of grinding to get better stuff for a max level character. For my part, I found that one of the biggest mistake, before season 7, was to level up to Vice Admiral from the start. Other MMO always have some room to add new top level, with new chain quest. But since we already get to Vice Admiral, that don't leave much room. But still, it's a bit late to fix that one.

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