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If you were a sci and had a Galor-class cruiser, how would you equip the Galor, and what BOFF powers would you use?

Please go easy on the acronyms; I'm new to the forums and not used to the way people abbreviate various powers.

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12-29-2012, 12:01 PM
You could use this thread very well (glossary of acronyms included):

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12-29-2012, 09:11 PM
The acronym list helps.

So, what would be a good build? Note: I should have access to Fleet weaponry, as I've been saving up my credits and may be able to kit out my ship with that...the weapons at least.
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12-30-2012, 02:13 AM
My suggestion is get rid of it and get yourself a Federation Starship, have you never heard of friendly fire?
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I don't fly cruisers, but I hear aux to battery builds are nice, and since I wanted to help I gave a try at building one for a galor:

Lieutenant Skills
Attack Patterns - 6
Weapons Training - 9
Batteries - 6
Hull Repair - 9
Shield Emitters - 9

Lieutenant Commander Skills
Energy Weapons - 9
Structural Integrity - 9
Subsystem Repair - 3
Warp Core Efficiency - 9
Power Insulators - 3
Shield Systems - 9

Commander Skills
Maneuvers - 6
Targeting Systems - 9
EPS - 9
Impulse Thrusters - 9
Warp Core Potential - 9

Captain Skills
Threat Control - 6
Hull Plating - 6
Shield Performance - 9
Inertial Dampeners - 3

Admiral Skills
Armor Reinforcements - 6
Auxiliary Performance - 3
Weapon Performance - 9

Total Points Spent: 300,000 (66,000 free for Ground Skills)

Bridge Officer Abilities

Commander Engineering: Emergency Power Weapons 1, Aux to Bat 1, Aux to Bat 2, Reverse Shield Polarity 3
Lieutenant Engineering: Emergency Power Shields 1, Engineering Team 2
Lieutenant Commander Tactical: Tac Team 1, Beam Fire Will 2, Attack Pattern Omega 1
Lieutenant Science: Hazard Emitter 1, Transfer Shields 2
Ensign Science: Polarize Hull 1

Duty Officers: 3 Technician, 2 Energy Weapon Officer (fire at will version)

Ship Equipment

Forward Weapons: 4 Spiral Wave Disruptor
Rear Weapons: 4 Spiral Wave Disruptor
Deflector: Assimilated Deflector
Engine: Jem'Hadar Engine
Shield: Assimilated Shield
Science Consoles: Assimilated Module, 2 Field Generator
Engineering Consoles: 3 Neutronium Alloy, 1 Plasma Distribution Manifold
Tactical Consoles: 3 Disruptor Induction Coil

* Most players will tell you to never run 8 energy weapons, as it will drain way too much weapons power. For instance, 8 spiral waves will drain 80 weapons power per cycle. However with the exact above skill set, ship loadout, and the attack preset, you should have a base 130 weapons power (if you have are in a galor), and EptW and AtB will buff you even farther over that. This means your 8 spiral waves will kick ass.

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