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In the past I have occasionally found uncommon lock box's when playing the game. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to find them more easily? I was wondering if playing the game at a higher difficulty level might improve my chances of finding them? Or different systems etc that have them? I havent found any Rare or Very rare lox boxes yet. I really would like to try to find some if it is possible

If anyone here knows of where I can go to find them please let me know

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01-19-2013, 02:57 AM
It's my understanding that they killed the differing rarity of lockboxes. No more green/uncommon and certainly no more gold/purple ones.

edit: of course there are still some in-game and potentially available for sale on the auction house
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01-19-2013, 08:19 AM
I believe the standard lockboxess went from Green to Common, Not 100 percent on this, but I have both commons and uncommons of the Cardie boxes, and I can basically stack them together and depending on numbers the stack comes out either common or uncommon. So I think all the standard lockboxes are now common. That is all you get.

Gold Lockboxes (Which where your very rare lockboxes) I think were done away with at a similar time. There were no gold lock boxes after the Ferengi lock box (though I still have some from when they weren't bound on pickup). Again they no longer drop at all, even in the rerun where ferengi and Cardie boxes where dropping, I never saw one.

So I am thinking it is common or nothing, unless someone wants to sell them on the exchange (the uncommons, my understanding is the very rares become bound as soon as you claim them now). But I see no reason to worry about it as far as the exchange goes. The proc rates of the different prizes are the same whether it is common or uncommon, so you aren't gaining anything by getting the uncommons.

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